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Artist of the moment………..Ronald Kleemann



Ronald Kleemann is an American artist renown for his photo realist paintings of automobiles and firetrucks. Ron Kleemann was born in Bay City, Michigan in the year 1937. Kleeman attended the College of Architecture and Design located at Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Below a short interview with Ron Kleemann:

At the beginning of his art career he worked as a sculptor, then an abstract painter who used shaped canvases, and finally a figure painter before moving on to the photorealism we associate with the artist.

Below a link to the website of Ronald Kleemann:

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $250,000. Kleeman works in oils, acrylics, and is an established printmaker.

The artist is based out of Valatie, New York.

Kleemann has a great sense of design and his portrayals of firetrucks are amazing for his great control of the color red.


Artist of the moment……..Richard Estes



Richard Estes is an American artist working in a photo realist style. Richard Estes was born in Kewanee, Illinois in the year 1932. Estes paints urban scenes and paints with a great sense of depth in his work. A key aspect of his work is his use of reflections. The artist does most of his larger works in oils but also works in gouache and watercolor on smaller pieces.

Estes attended the Art Institute of Chicago.

After art school Estes found employment as a freelance artist working with magazines. Estes lived abroad in Spain and also in New York City. After a decade of painting Estes was able to quit his day job and focus on painting full time and selling via galleries.

Below a great sample of works by Richard Estes:

Estes is a member of the National Academy of Design.

The artist would portray his landscape work so that it would appear to be a nice calm day in the morning.

Price range information: Estes was a prolific printmaker and prints can be found starting around $5,000. Originals in oils can reach $600,000.

What a wonderful artist! If you look carefully his reflections are both real and abstract. A sticker or sign might say STOP, but the reflection will reverse the image and Estes would paint it. Estes paintings of department store windows are amazing!




Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..Audrey Flack….



On line and land based galleries:  Gary Snyder Gallery in New York City.

mediums: acrylics, oils, photographs, bronzes, pencil, lithograph, screenprint

low price range: lithographs around $200 pencil drawings $500 or so.

high price range: $90,000

surfaces: clay, canvas, paper

Below is a clip featuring Will Barnett and the Audrey Flack. The artist is on first for around 2 minutes and then Barnett speaks. This video was from 2008 so Mr. Barnett was only 97 years old. Now at nearly 101, he turnes 101 on May 25, he still loves art! That is just awesome! The artist was featured in American Artist magazine around the New Years holiday.

This artist is proud to be a woman and loves to talk about art!  In the interview clip at the Art Hamptons she even states that there is no life without art! I couldn’t agree more! This artist is inspiring as she always grows never satisfied with working in only one medium or genre.

The artist started as an Abstract Expressionist painter. She knew Jackson Pollack, Warhol, and DeKooning. This phase lasted a few years and then she became hooked on photorealist painting.  After working as a painter she then switched to sculpting. The artist is just wonderful at creating.

Her main emphasis is that the best art is art that is easily understood by the masses.

The artist was born in 1931. Attended college at Cooper Union in New York from 1948 – 1953. The artist also attended Yale and received a masters degree from the college.

She has an interesting and to me boring style of working. She projects a slide onto the canvas and then uses an airbrush to paint. I love to see the drawing and finished piece.  I find it much more expressive to draw it first and go through the struggle of making the drawing work.  Too many shortcuts for me in her method of producing painting. .  In the 1970s she was mainly a photo realist.  In the 1980s she began expressing herself  in bronzes.

The artist thought the world was falling apart even back in the 1970s and wanted to make sculptures that wouldn’t fall apart or disintegrate. Her sculptures show the strength of woman and their power.

The artist is part of museum collections from Guggenheim, the Met, and the Museum of Modern Art. The artist was the first of the photorealist painters to be purchased by the Met museum.

The artist lives and works out of New York City. She has taught at many colleges and universities and is currently a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania.