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Artist of the moment……Peter Doig….

Peter Doig hails from Scotland. Doig was born in 1959 in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. At one point he had a painting titled “White Canoe” that sold for more than eleven million dollars. At the time it was a record for a living European artist.

He was already familiar with Trinidad as his father worked for a trading company and the family was moved to Trinidad for the first time when the artist was only three years old. The family also lived in Canada during his childhood years.

When he was twenty years old Doig took off for London, England to start his collegiate studies. Doig attended the Wimbledon School of Art, St. Martin’s School of Art, before receiving his bachelors degree in Art from the Chelsea School of Art.

Whilst in college he befriended another artist who has a very similar style and sometimes similar painting technique, Billy Childish. Both are creative about using color and their works are prepared with mixed media such as this one which was done with charcoal and oils on linen. Here i s ¬†fantastic example of Billy Childish’s style of art.


Doig has lived in Trinidad located just North of South America since 2002.

Here the camera follows Peter Doig as he sets up an installation piece.


Here we are with our beloved art friend James Kalm visiting a show given at for Peter Doig at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in New York city.


Price range info: Doig is very prolific as an artist working in many mediums. Etchings are by far the most affordable ranging from $1000 to $10,000 U.S. dollars. Watercolor and gouache works range up to the low six figures. Record for an oil painting was for White Canoe which sold for $11.3 million dollars.


Doig loves to paint landscapes that evoke childhood memories. Since he works mainly from photographs its interesting to see how he makes the figure relate to the viewer.


Another great series by the artist focused on living spaces in France, that encouraged communal living. The place was called Le Corbusier and here is an inage of it below.



The work below is from that series and is titled Concrete Cabin by Mr. Doig.



2008 was another break for the artist as he was featured at the Tate in London.


I love this artist for his highly prolific output. Lets take a look at another artist from yesteryear who worked with very large buildings, Armin Landbeck. He studied architecture and went on to a fabulous printmaking career. Below is a work from Landbeck.




Try a landscape work that reminds you of your childhood today!