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Artist of the moment…..Harland Miller

Harland Miller is fantastic contemporary artist known for his watercolour paintings featuring clever text. Harland Miller was born in Yorkshire, United Kingdom in the year 1964. Miller is a true artist, being a prolific writer and painter.

Miller has lived around the world from the United Kingdom, the New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States, and Germany.

Also a novelist, the artist received critical acclaim for a book telling the exploits of a young boy traveling around England with a David Bowie impersonator. The name of the book “Slow Down Arthur, Stick to Thirty.”

Another book that seems perfect for modern times featured the story of a woman who had obsessive compulsive disorder. This is the disease where people can wash hands 1000s of times per day, or spend all day aligning objects so they are perfectly straight. This book is titled “First I was Afraid, I was petrified.”

price range information: Oils range from $25,000 to $81,000. Watercolours range $8,000 to $32,000.

Started his famous series of classic books from Penguin Publishing in 2001.

WRITER in residence at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Largely influenced by Edgar Allen Poe.

Harland Miller lives and works from London, England.

A clip for a show featuring many of the top British artists that started on April 1st of 2o13.  Harland Miller is found around 36 seconds into the clip.

In this clip Harland Miller talks about his travels to New York city.