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Artist of the moment……Miriam Schapiro

Miriam Shapiro was born in Toronto, Canada in the year 1923. She is renown for printmaking, sculpting, and painting. A founding artist of the Pattern and Decoration movement. In this movement artists I have covered already include Valerie Joudan, Robert Kushner, and R. Zackanitch.

Price range information: Most works are priced between $5,000 and $15,000.

Her father was an industrial designer.

Included in the collection of the National Gallery for the Arts.

Taught with her husband at Cal-Arts and started a feminist art movement with fellow artist Judy Chicago.

Below a great interview with Miriam Schapiro.

Married another artist named Paul Brach. Brach became the first dean at the famed Cal-Arts school in Los Angeles. He was an important figure for many artists of the 1980s. Below an example of his abstract working style.

In this clip featuring our friend James Kalm, we visit a Pattern Decorative movement exhibition. Miriam’s work is shown at 9:20 seconds into the video.

Renown for what the artist calls femagges. Simply put, these are collage works that use a variety of fabrics vs. usingĀ a variety of paper. For my own purposes the best multi media artist is Robert Kushner. His flowers, when you see them in person with the gold leaf and glitter, seem to dazzle and the various colors that shimmer off the surfaces often covered with resin, so much visual delight for the senses!