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Artist of the moment…….Billi Kid


Billi Kid is an American street artist and illustrator renown for his work of famous people and celebrities. Some past works include the President of the United States, civil rights leaders in Sri Lanka, and Che Guevara. The artist often includes politics in his work.


In this clip Billi Kid produces an stencil of a sexy woman:

Below a link to the website of the artist:

The artist has worked with many nationally known brands as a product designer including the soft drink Sprite. Kid has worked with the N.B.A. on multiple occasions over the years. In this clip we view some works from an exhibition curated by Billi Kid about fine art and basketball:

Billi Kid’s artwork has graced the pages of Time magazine.

The artist has a huge appreciation for stickers and sometimes he uses ideas from sticker design in his own artwork.

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Artist of the moment……….Charles Levalet


Charles Levalet also known as Charles Leval is a wonderful street artist from France. Leval works with paste ups that remind me of American street artist Swoon. Swoon depicts mainly women in her pasteups and Leval works mainly with the male figures. Levalet was born in Lorraine, France in the year 1988.

Below a wonderful montage of street art by Leval. Leval is also seen working on a current piece. The clip is in French, but even if you don’t understand the language the images are awesome!:

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Levalet is relatively new to the Street Art scene beginning after he moved to Paris, France in 2012.

I enjoy this artist’s high level of creativity. His works that involve sculptures of animals with painted human bodies are a great example of his creativity.