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Artist of the moment…..Antoine Blanchard

Antoine Blanchard was born in the Loire Valley of France in the year 1910 and his birth name was Marcel Masson. An important figure in the artist’s beginning was his father who was a carpenter. His father sent him to a school to improve his already great drawing skills at young age. Blanchard was most influenced by the Impressionistic style of painting.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000. Most works are oils on canvas.

In this clip we view a great selection of works by Antoine Blanchard set to French music:

Blanchard progressed to painting and studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, France. Blanchard then furthered his studies at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. It was in Paris that the artist first began painting his famous Parisian street scenes.

In this clip another montage of works by Antoine Blanchard set to piano music:

Blanchard married and then was drafted to serve in World War 2 in 1939. After his discharge from he immediately got back to painting in 1942.

As a fan of Paris street scenes the artist is very similar in style to Edouard Leon Cortes. Cortes loved to paint the street life of Paris including flower markets and main boulevards such as the Les Champs Elysee. Below are two examples of street scenes from Edouard Leon Cortes.

In the mid 1950s Marcel Masson was selling works in galleries across the United States and took the name Antoine Blanchard.

The artist had two daughters that went on to become professional painters. The family as a whole reminds of the Wiggins family that includes three generations of painters renowned for painting snow scenes and the landscapes of New York. Nicole Blanchard was born in 1943 and below are two examples of her style. Her favorite subject matter was the same as her painterly father’s, Parisian street scenes.

Another daughter of the artist was named Eveline Blanchard. Like father and sister she was fond of painting the street life of Paris. Eveline Blanchard lived from 1946 until 2008. Below a fine example of her style of street painting.


Antoine Blanchard passed away in 1988.

Yet another family with multiple generations of  artists! I can imagine dad teaching his daughters to paint since they were children and having wonderful paint outs on the streets of Paris with many onlookers watching the three of them painting.