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Artist of the moment……Street Artist PaoPao

Pao or PaoPao is a former street artist who has made it big as a commercial artist. Pao Bordino was born in the year 1977 in Milan, Italy.  With a very playful and cartoon approach the artist is able to transform ordinary items like a utility box into Sponge Bob! Also interesting is the way he paints according to his paintings environment. What you might have thought was just an ordinary bush, ends up being hair. A main subject for Pao is penguins.

As an added note, the item he paints on is called a bollard, its used to stop cars from going into places where it supposed to be only pedestrians. This is his base for most of his penguin work.

Pao is based out of Milan, Italy.

The artist has his art on everything from cups to clothes! What a fun expressionist style he has created.

In this clip a brief more works of Pao:

In this clip we see Pao working on location at a Street Artist Museum located in Torino, Italy.

The artist founded a collective in 2005. This group works on his large amount of commercial work.

Here is a link to the website of Pao. Pages are in Italian and English. The artist sure brings the word “fun” to street art!

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