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Artist of the moment……..Eric H. Olson



Eric H. Olson was a Swedish visual artist renown for his modernistic style. Eric Olson was born in Sweden in the year 1909. Olson was a painter and printmaker.

Olson began his art career as a landscape painter before switching to a more abstract style in the late 1930s.

Olson was among the first artists to work with light. From painting the artist went on to create works out of glass and later plexiglass.

The artist was based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Olson worked in many mediums including painting, printmaking, sculpture, and glass. After switching to a more abstract style the artist received many commissions and many works for public places.

Eric Olson passed away in 1996.

Price range information: The artist created prints which can start at $2,000. Original sculpture works and paintings can reach as high as $20,000.




Artist of the moment…….Ernest Zacharevic



Ernest Zacharevic is a wonderful street artist born in Lithuania.

Zacharevic works with the figure in a very humorous manner. In some works he makes use of tree and plant branches to use for people’s hair.

The style of the artist is very interesting  that takes into account not only the surface, but the texture. His heads with hair remind me of Chia pets!

In this clip we view the artist at work at a street art fair in 2014. Zacharevic makes great use of the grey color of the walls in his portraits:

In this clip we view a show titled “Art is Rubbish” by Ernest Zacharevic:

The artist is now based out of Malaysia.

price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the website of Ernest Zacharevic:

What a unique style!


Artist of the moment……Manolo Valdes

Manolo Valdes was born in Valencia, Spain in  the year 1942. For his artistic education Valdes attended the School of Fine Arts located in San Carlos, Spain. He attended this school for two years. Valdes works in many mediums including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and collage.  For his sculpture work the artist works in bronze for the most part.  The artist has done some awesome works in terracotta. These works have a very fresh and modern aura about them.

Manolo Valdes works out of Madrid, Spain and New York City.

In this clip a wonderful tour thru a botanical garden in New York City showing many works of Manolo Valdes:

I love the modern look of Valdes’ women made with collage. Not only do they have very feminine features, sometimes no nose, but the papers used for the clothing or fan are excellent in their variety and patterns.

Price range information: Works range from $4,000 to $800,000.


Artist of the moment……My pumpkin!!!!


halloween halloween1



A big shout out to Roy Villafane and his online tutorials for helping to get the carving right. Pumpkin was very soft in some parts so I decided to paint it!

Mine is on the left and a pumpkin by my dad  on  the left!

Hello to all the spirits! and of course Vincent Price!


Artist of the moment…..Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1971. Goicolea is a great sculptor, draughtsman, and painter. For his artistic education Goicolea attended many schools. Goicolea attended the University of Madrid and the University of Georgia where he earned a bachelors degree in drawing and painting.  Goicolea went on to the Pratt Institute of Art studying sculpture and photography.

The artist enjoys blending figure painting with botanical and floral works.

Goicolea is now based out of New York City.

Works with photography and when he does often manipulates the image. His first show featured his face on the heads of young children’s bodies.

Goicolea is included in many prominent collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the Whitney Museum of Art in New York City, and the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, Illinois.

price range information: Works range from $3,000 to $20,000.

In this clip a brief interview with the artist:

A link to the website of Anthony Goicolea:


Artist of the moment……Enrico Castellani

Enrico Castellani is not only a great painter, but also a great jewelry maker. Enrico Castellani was born in Castelmassa, Italy in the year 1930. When I first saw the artist’s work I thought of the American minimalist artist Donald Judd. In fact Judd was heavily influenced by Castellani whom Judd considered the Father of Minimalism.

For his artistic education Castellani attended the Academie Royale des Beaux- Arts in  Italy. He also attended the Academy of Fine the national school for the Fine Arts in Belgium where he studied architecture.

He and another artist started their own gallery. They wanted to separate themselves from other artists in a similar movement. They had partaken in Abstract Expressionist movement, but their voice was something different. The gallery was called Azimut and a magazine supporting the movement was titled Azimuth.

Other artists associated with the new Art Informel movement at the same time were Lucio Fontana. You may have seen him in the news as some revolutionary abstract works have broken the one million dollar barrier at auction. Below is  Fontana’s work “Attese” which sold at auction for $1.1 million dollars.


To form his highly textured surfaces he places nails down and then lies the canvas over the top. A very unique way to manipulate a flat surface.

price range information: sorry none available.

In this clip we view a gallery show from 2011:


Artist of the moment…..Peter Phillips…

Peter Phillips is one of the most famous Pop Artists that was based outside of the United States. Peter Phillips was born in 1939 in Birmingham, England. Phillips works in many different subjects and enjoys working with mixed media compositions with unusual shapes for the outside shape of the art. He also has done many works celebrating women and also architecture.

For his collegiate education Phillips studied at the Birmingham School of Art and the Royal College of Art where his peers trained such as Frank Bowling and David Hockney.

Phillips won a fellowship to study in the States and moved to New York  where he lived from 1964 to 1966.  Phillips moved back to Europe where he is now based.

Married in 1970 and immediately set about traveling the globe. The young couple would live in Zurich, Switzerland for most of the 1970s.

The 1980s  brought his work to Australia followed by the North America in the 1990s.

Wife died from cancer in 2003 and the artist dedicated an exhibition to her in 2004.

Phillips still is an active artist and loves to visit New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sydney, Australia.

Below a wonderful montage of the artist’s work set to music.

Price range information: Phillips is a prolific artist and many prints are available for less than $1,000 dollars. Originals can reach as high as $60,000.


Artists working with the face and figure……..Robert Liberace…


Clip from the Artist’s Alla Prima painting DVD.

Excerpt from a drawing in 3 chalks DVD made by the artist.

Short gallery of the artists paintings and sculptures.

I have seen this artist’s paintings in person and they are a joy to behold. He mixes in just the right amount of anatomic detail and soft edges. Also the compositions are very unique in that many times it shows one figure making multiple movements.

The artist works in a variety of mediums including drawing with graphite, making studies using ink washes which are very similar to old master works done by the great artists of the past, and also sculpture. He produces these wonderful animated creatures that look so lifelike its hard to imagine they were imagined.

He is included in New York’s Arnot Museum.

Has been in many national art magazines including American Art Collector and American Artist magazines.

Impressed many judges and won the Portrait of the Year by the Portrait Society of America in 2003.

For his sculpture he was elected to the National Society of Sculpture.

The artist attended George Washington University earning both a bachelors and masters degree in the fine arts. He started college on a baseball scholarship.

online and land based galleries:   John Pence Gallery in San Francisco, California.

Arcadia Fine Arts in New York City. ( Great site to see his smaller works, wonderful figures as small as 8 by 6 inches)                                      

Make sure and see some of the artist’s three chalk drawings. Simplistic in design but wonderful variety of line work and different edges.

The artist and his wife Lina now make Virginia their home. The couple have spent fourteen years there already!

The artist loves to teach and teaches in Virginia’s Art Student’s League and gives many workshops and classes around the world throughout the year. He has been included in the American Artist top workshops magazine.

The artist has also started to make some fantastic DVDs that help the artist improve their painting and drawing skills. The DVDs cover many different aspects of creating including drawing, drawing with three tones of chalk, anatomy, and even drawing the human torso. Its great fun to see the artist capture the figure and movement with the end result very moving and lifelike. You will learn new things each time you watch the DVDs!

Next time you think about doing some figure work how about taking your subject and doing a composition showing the same figure in two or three different poses like this master artist! If you feel up to it do two figure works and a smaller hand or foot study.

Keep on learning!