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Artist of the moment……….Sepe and Chazme




Sepe and Chazme are a wonderful pair of street artist from Poland. Sepe and Chazm create remarkable works that have a wonderful sense of design using color and depth to achieve some amazing results. Sepe’s specialty is character and figure design. Chazm’s specialty is architecture.

Michael “Sepe” Wrega attended the Academy of Art located in Warsaw, Poland.

Daniel “Chazme” Kalinowski was born in Laufen, Switzerland in the year 1980. The artist attended the Architecture and Town Planning School also located in Warsaw, Poland.

In this clip we view a time lapse of the Sepe and Chazme at work on a piece in Poland that was made in 2013:

This exciting young duo is among the finest of the young street artists teams in all of Europe!

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the website of artist Sepe:

Below a link to the artist Chazme:


Artist of the moment……..William Henry Clapp

William Henry Clapp was born in Montreal, Canada in the year 1879. Clapp’s family moved to the area of Oakland, California and this is where the artist spent much of his childhood. Clapp was very well schooled studying first at the Montreal Art Association. He then went on to the Academie Julian in Paris, France. Clapp also attended the Ecole de la Grande Chaumiere. Clapp even studied at the School of the Prada Art Museum located in Madrid, Spain.

Clapp even started his own art school, the Clapp School of Art located in Oakland, California.

In this clip a great selection of works by Clapp:

The artist was part of a group of painters known as the Group of Six. The group painted scenes around Oakland, California that were quite different than other California artists such as the Bay Area artists.

William Henry Clapp passed away in 1954.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $75,000. The artist worked as a painter in oils and also produced lithographs.


Artists painting food….The Weenix family dynasty…. Painters of the game still life

low price range: $1,000

high price range: $301,000

mediums used: oils

surfaces used: canvas

Nothing I enjoy more than talking about art made from members of the same family.  The best family business in the world. Your child emulates your techniques and you get to spend time with them teaching. In the United States we have a few art families such as the Peale family known for wonderful still lifes and paintings of famous people such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The Wyeth family, Andy died a few years back but the still lifes of both Andy, Jamie, and the Wyeth sisters show very high levels of talent.  My favorite painters of snow and the city, the Wiggins family. Guy Wiggins is in his nineties and still painting! Lastly we have the Gruppe family known for painting the East Coast areas of the United States. These families have produced great artists for at least 3 generations.

Jan Weenix the elder and the younger were a father and son duo of the Netherlands who gained acclaim for their paintings of fowl and other animals. When I think of bird artists I think of live birds painted by Camille Engel or Isabelle du Toit. The Weenix painters seem to capture the moment in time when the animal has just been killed and is ready to prepare for a meal. Though the animals are dead they seem to have a very fresh and lively feel to them. Its as if the rigor mortis and stiffening of the body has been mysteriously avoided.

The records kept during the 1600s wasn’t very good so the exact dates escape us but the Jan Weenix the younger was born around 1621 in Amsterdam. The artist died around the age of forty. He was a very prolific painter with many capable of painting many genres.  He was one of the first Dutch artists to paint Italian harbor scenes.  He also became known for painting dead fowl. Father was an architect. The artist had speech impediments making him a loner type. Studied in Rome for a short period of time before moving to Utrecht. Died around 1660.

Jan Weenix the younger was born around 1640. He was raised in a castle the family owned in Utrecht. He was a very capable student and many works that were thought to be of the father have now been accredited to the Jan Weenix the Younger. Had thirteen children, 3 died at a young age.

If you are in London make sure to see some of this artist’s wonderful works with game and animals at the National Gallery and also the Wallace Collection.

Next time you see a bird painting check out the feathers!  My two favorite Golden Age painters of feathers are Weenix and Durer, we can learn many lessons from viewing any works of these artist. For Durer my favorite work is the hare. The rabbit’s essence is captured perfectly.

Happy painting!


Happy Easter Special…. Board game master painter Tim Liddy….

On line and land based gallery: William Shearburn located in St. Louis, Missouri.

mediums used: oils, enamel, urethane, sculpture

surfaces used: copper and steel

low price range: $5,000

high price range: $15,000

The artist also takes commissions that range from $3,000 to $11,000.  Find your old favorite board game and send it to this artist! Maybe even have him age it more by painting dog ears on the pages and adding tape.  If you can’t find your favorite board game look for it on ebay.

A short lecture given my the artist that covers his life from age 16 to current. Its awesome to hear what inspired him and the incidents he had to overcome to get where he is today. Its nice to see the progression of the artist in a slide show. At age 16 he broke his neck playing hockey and was nearly motionless for one year. He started drawing as a way to rehab his arms and legs and just feel in love with the process of creating. The disability made him learn the power of high goals and a strong work ethic.

The artist was born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1963. He studied overseas in Florence, Italy.  He attended college at the Center for Creative Studies located in Detroit, Michigan and received a bachelors degree.  Attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and earned a masters degree in fine art.  He is a tenured professor at Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri.


This artist is well known for painting fantastic images of board games. The games may be real or invented by himself, he never says for sure.  The paintings are trompe works meant to “trick” the eye.  The artist paints mainly with oils and enamel on copper or steel.

An avid hockey enthusiast who loves the National Hockey League.

The board games works give a flash back to a different and simpler era. Many games don’t feature one single minority on the cover, they mainly include only white males.

The artist’s own website:

What I enjoy most about the artist is his ideas of paintings. Its a very unique niche he has found for himself and many of the paintings weren’t real games at all. They exist only in his head.  The artist is similar to Chuck Close in that he had to rehab in order to keep producing art.  For his mode of transportation the artist uses a segway, the motorized two wheeled power vehicle. The artist has had to overcome a lot to succeed and has become one of the nations premiere artists in the process.

Happy painting and happy holidays!