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Artist of the moment……….Pablita Velarde


Pablita Velarde was the mother of the previous artist, Helen Hardin, and an outstanding artist famous for her work with the figure. Pablita Velarde wad born on Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico in the year 1918. Velarde was known for progressive style of art.

Pablita Velarde passed away in 2006.

In this clip a short documentary featuring the work and life of Pablita Velarde:

Below a wonderful segment produced by PBS that documents the life and history of Pablita Velarde:

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What a great artistic family. Its odd that the mother thought her daughter’s paintings weren’t representational enough, I can see her easily her influence in her daughter’s work. I enjoy her works that involve dancers and large groups of people.

Similar to the way the Inuit artists use caribou or whale bone, or the Shona artist’s use serpentine stone, Velarde’s use of the earth and the fact she made her own pigments give her art a wonderful and a very unique finish.




Artist of the moment…….Helen Hardin


Helen Hardin was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the year 1943. Hardin worked with the figure but used geometric shapes in her compositions. Her subject matter included the daily activities found in her daily life painted in a very modern style. Her mother was a famous painter named Pablita Velarde.

Hardin attended the University of Arizona and the University of New Mexico.

Hardin was also part of PBS series that focused on American Indian artists. This series took place in the mid 1970s.

Her mother didn’t like her style as a painter as she felt in wasn’t traditional enough. In fact that is what maker her work so great! Hardin was able to take a traditional subject like corn or a kachina dancer, and give it her own modernist twist.

Hardin’s Indian name meant Little Standing Spruce.

In this clip a great interview with the artist:

Hardin is associated with the Santa Clara Pueblo Native Americans.

Price range information: Sorry none available. Hardin worked mainly in acrylics sometimes using nearly 30 layers of paint in her artwork.

Hardin passed away in 1984 after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1981.

In this clip a brief biography and some works are shown:

What a great mother daughter team of artists! Her mother will be profiled next!