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Artist of the moment……..Otto Nebel

Otto Nebel was a wonderful abstract artist born in Berlin, Germany in the year 1892. Nebel was a genius at using text in his work. Nebel was not only a painter, but also a prolific printmaker who specialized in making linocuts and also made a large body of work in collage. Nebel also studied the art of painting on the reverse side of glass, an extremely popular regional form of art.

Nebel started off as an engineer and was a participant in the first World War. After being held captive for more than one year, Nebel wanted no more to do with war or its ideology. He wanted to become an artist.

If you enjoy the work of this artist be sure and check out artists Otto Dix and Georg Grosz.

The artist also tried without success, to run his own wall paper producing company. In the end Nebel designed many different types of wall paper.

Otto Nebel passed away in 1973.

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