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Artist of the moment………Diana al-Hadid


al Hadid is a contemporary sculptor and painter renown for her large mixed media works. Diana al-Hadid was born in Aleppa, Syria in the year 1981. Her family relocated to the state of Ohio in the United States when the artist was five years of age.

The artist credits being an immigrant for her success. She learned to work very hard and how to apply for grants.

Al-Hadid is well educated having earned a B.F.A. from Kent State University located in Kent, Ohio. She went on to earn a M.F.A.  from Virginia Commonwealth University located in Richmond, Virginia. The artist also attended the Skowhegan School of Painting located in Skowhagen, Maine.

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In this clip from 2015 we visit the studio of Diana Al- Hadid:

Diana Al Hadid is now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

The artist is very innovative in her materials and her design concepts. Though she often references the past, her use of modern and contemporary materials including beeswax, gypsum, steel,and fiberglass make for very unique works of art.



Artist of the moment…….Dwinell Grant


Dwinell Grant was born in Springfield, Ohio in the year 1912. Dwinell Grant was renown for his style of abstraction that used basic geometric shapes.

Grant attended the Dayton Art Institute located in Dayton, Ohio. Grant then moved to New York City and attended the National Academy of Design.

Dwinell Grant taught at the collegiate level at Wittenberg College also located in Ohio.

Here we view one of the many short animated films made by Grant. Remember he didn’t have Microsoft Windows Paint! On many occasions one film might require more than 3,o00 separate drawings. These works are still underappreciated to this day!

The artist enjoyed trying new mediums and produced many short animated films of less than ten minutes in length. Of his time spent in the commercial arena of art the majority of his time was spent medical illustrations.

Much of the artist’s early work was purchased by the Guggenheim Foundation.

Grant was a very successful commercial artist illustrating medical books and even producing training videos for the United States Navy.

Dwinell Grant passed away in 1991.

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Artist of the moment……Aminah Robinson

Aminah Robinson is an African American artist born in Columbus, Ohio in the year 1940. For his collegiate education Aminah Robinson attended what is now the Columbus College of Art and Design. Robinson is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor. Her sculpture work is made up from an idea she got as a child, everything could be an art material and to make your own materials if need be. She refers to her  works as made out of “hogmawg.” Some materials used include mud, grease, glue, and natural dyes.

I enjoy the exaggerated hand she uses in many of her figures. The viewer can easily get an idea as to how hard it must have been to be a hard laborer, working in the cotton or tobacco fields of the South.

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In this clip we go to the home studio of Aminah Robinson:

What a remarkable artist! I compare her works to the great Betye Saar. I enjoy her use of mixed media such as buttons in  her artwork!

Below a brief biography about Robinson with more of her artwork:


Artist of the moment…..Dal Holcomb

Dal Holcomb was born in Youngstown, Ohio in the year 1901. Holcomb was one of the premier illustrators of his day working on national advertising campaigns with companies including Listerine mouthwash, General Tire, and Mazda Lamps. In addition the artist was renowned for his celebrity caricature works.

For many of his work he signed them with only an “H.”

His favorite mediums were watercolor and gouache.

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Dal Holcomb passed away in 1978.

I really enjoyed the way the artist was able to nail his likenesses on his caricature work. Some other caricaturists covered here include Gerald Scarfe and Sebastian Kruger.


Artist of the moment……Charles Biederman

Charles Biederman was born as Kark Joseph Biederman in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1906. For his artistic education Biederman attended the Cleveland Art Institute and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Biederman was renown for his abstract paintings and was also a sculptor. When he first started out as a painter he was influenced by the painter Piet Mondrian. In the 1950s his style was his style of Cubist painting.

The artist dropped out of school in 1929 as he disagreed with some of their basic ideas about painting. In 1934 Biederman mae a move to New York City.

The first part of this career the artist concentrated on painting and drawing. After 1937 Biederman made creating his special relief sculptures his main focus of creative output.

A heavy influence on the artist was painter Paul Cezanne. Cezanne was a painter of the still life and the figure and took a very modern approach in his paintings.

The artist lived in Chicago and New York City before settling down in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1941 where he took a wife named Mary. Mary had a sister who married into money, and it was this family who became an important patron for Biederman over the years.

Biederman, was also an author with six  books to his credit, the books all had art as a theme.

He stopped making his relief sculptures in the late 1990s as his eyesight failed him.

Charles Biederman passed away in 2004 at the age of 98 years old.

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Artist of the moment…..Julian Stanczak

Julian Stanczak was born in Poland in the year 1928. Stanczak is renown for his Op- Art style of painting. The artist had a rough life in his early years. Stanczak was sent to a labor camp in Siberia at the start of World War 2.  The conditions were so severe that he lost the use of his right arm.  The artist was originally left handed.

When the artist was thirteen years of age, he escaped and joined the Polish army. He would soon abandon the army and spent some time living in Africa in a refugee camp. Whilst in Africa Stanczak learned how to write and complete tasks with his left hand. The artist would spend time in London, England and then he moved to the United States in 1950 living in Cleveland, Ohio.

For his artistic education Julian Stanczak earned a bachelors degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Stanczak went on to earn a masters of fine arts degree from Yale University.

His first solo show was titled Julian Stanczak: Optical Paintings and was held in New York in 1964.

The artist was part of the teaching faculty at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

In this clip a brief bio and segment on how Julian Stanczak uses color in his work:

Julian Stanczak paints with acrylics on canvas but also paints with oils on canvas and even on plastic, giving his work a very modern paint quality. I find his story inspiring and another great example of how art can be used to teach, motivate, and inspire. Stanczak had to relearn how to do everything with his non dominant arm.

Julian Stanczak is included in many prominent museum collections including the Museum of Modern Art  and Smithsonian Gallery of Art.

Here we view an installation of a very large public installation made by the artist covering an older building in Cincy:

And to close we visit the studio of Julian Stanczak:

Price range information:  Prints can be found starting at $2,000 and originals can reach as high as $80,000.

His wife is also a noted sculptor named Barbara Stanczak, below an example of her style.


Another wonderfully artistic family!