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Artist of the moment….Kaii Higashiyama

Kaii Higashiyama was a fantastic painter of the landscape. Higashiyama was born in Yokohama,Japan in the year 1908.
For his collegiate education he attented what is today the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts.

Learned German in one year attending a school in Berlin, Germany.
In 1945 the artist was drafted into the army but was demobilized by the end of the year.
In 1947 Higashiyama won the most prestigious award for art in Japan. Within a few years time Higashiyama would pursue the landscape as his major theme.
I find his landscapes to be very tranquil.The artist was also great at painting trees. If you enjoy the art of Higashiyama check out artist Teruko Wilde. Below an example of her style of painting trees with drips.


In this clip a wonderful selection of works set to music by Kaii Higashiyama.

Kaii Higashiyama passed away in 1999  at age of 91 years old.

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Try paintng a landscape with a focus on trees today!