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Artist of the moment……….Art Duo Farkhondeh and Amer



Ghada Amer and Reza Farkhondeh are a contemporary artistic duo renown for their imagery of the female figure. The finished works are completed in embroidery. The team met whilst they were attending college in Nice, France at the Villa Arson.

Ghada Amer was born in Cairo, Egypt in the year 1963. Her family moved to the United States in 1974. Amer received her art education in Paris and Nice, France earning a M.F.A. from Des Hautes Etudes Art Plastique.

Amer has worked in many mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and installation art. She often explores the female form.

Price range for the duo: Sorry none available. Works by Ghada Amer range from $20,000 to $250,000 for an original acrylic. No price schedule for Reza Farkhondeh.

Below a link to the website of the Amer:

Reza Farkhondeh was born in Iran also in 1963.

Farkhondeh also studied at Des Hautes Etudes Art Plastiques where he studied video and film.

In this clip we view a show featuring works from the duo that took place in 2012:

What a great team of artists that can express themselves in any medium from drawing and sewing to video art.


Artist of the moment……..Arman….




Arman was a fantastic sculptor that came from France and moved to the United States and became a naturalized citizen. He is renown for his technique of taking something apart, and remaking it. In some ways similar to the art of Mimmo Rotella, taking one thought and reorganizing it. His birth name was Armand Pierre Fernandez born in 1928 in the city of Nice, France. He came from a family that was immersed in art and his father enjoyed photography and painting. Arman is renown for using the same shape over and over in his work. For instance a work might contain 20 different stamps or axes. The axes for example would be welded together in a geometric shape such as a triangle.

The early name for these works were called “cachets.” Works with the accumulated objects on a flat surface, stamps on fabric. ¬†Gaining recognition for these works was a big step in the young artists career.

Became a citizen of the United States in 1971.

Was in a movie that Andy Warhol produced in 1964 titled Dinner at Daley’s.

Produced a large amount of public sculpture work.

Two  accumulations include a collection of 83 military tanks and vehicles. Another exhibition included many matchbox sized automobiles.

Arman enjoyed the work and was heavily inspired by Kurt Schwitters. I have posted about Schwitters before as he often has works for sale on ebay. A wonderful collage and decollage artiss that made wonderful works with the headlines and newspapes, stamps, and bus passes.

Arman studied math and philosophy for his collegiate studies.

First show in the Untied States was in 1961.

Attended Ecole Nationale des Art Decoratifs in Nice, France. A school for the designer arts (graphic design.) Also attended Ecole du Louvre, School of the Louvre in Paris, France majoring in oriental studies.

Became friends with well known french artist Yves Klein. Klein was the artist known for his female nudes and his Klein Blue. Working with Klein the two collaborated in creating a work titled “Fill Up.” It was basically a collection of garbage the duo collected. It brought the duo fame and recognition on Europe.

In this clip view a show given for the artist in 2011.

In this clip our dear art friend James Kalm takes us on a show featuring the artist.

Price range information: Arman was very prolific. Works in acrylics range from $5,000 to the low six figures. Lithographs range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Bronzes range from $500 to the low six figures. Etchings start at $500.

Arman passed away in 2005 at the age of seventy six years old.

With his art and his idea of repeating the same shape it reminds the viewer of Andy Warhol and Pop Art. See how many variations he comes up with for using violins both flat and in three dimensions.