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Artist of the moment………Stanford Derere

Stanford Derere is a wonderful artist from Zimbabwe renown for his sculptures of birds. Stanford Derere was born in Zimbabwe in 1956.

Derere got his artistic education at the BAT Workshop located at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

Here is a great interview with Stanford Derere, at the end he talks about his children and his family:

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I love the abstract shapes Derere creates by spreading the wings of his birds.


Artist of the moment……Sylvester Mubayi

Sylvester Mubayi is a shona sculpture artist from Marondera,  Zimbabwe born in the year 1942. He started off working as a laborer in the tobacco fields. At the age of 24 years old he moved to the urban city of Harare, Zimbabwe in order to get a better job working for a major beer brewing company. His favorite subjects to carve are animals, spirits, and mythical creatures.

Considered part of the first generation of shona sculptors.

He began sculpting at a sculpture community in northern Zimbabwe in the 1960s.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe held a career retrospective honoring the Mubayi during 2008.

In this clip Mubayi gives us a brief history about the first generation shona sculptors:

In this clip we see Mubayi at work:

In this clip the artist explains in detail about a work titled “Mother-Buck.”

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