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Artist of the moment……..Masuo Ikeda

Masuo Ikeda was a fantastic Japanese artist born in 1934 not in Japan but in Mukden, China. Ikeda was a very accomplished artist not only painting, but also a printmaker, illustrator, ceramist, and writer.  Ikeda was also known for his fantastic work with calligraphy.

Attended the Nagano School of Art.

What I love most about the artist was when he was coming up and making his name as an up and coming artist and people would ask his profession, he would say I am Masuo Ikeda! What a great answer and it reminded me of some of Andy’s Warhol’s old interviews.

Whilst in his mid twenties he met a German artist who told him to become a printmaker to increase his earnings. Ikeda then decided to study working with copperplate. In the clip below we hear from Masuo Ikeda directly as he talks about developing a print.

Ikeda broke the mold as he was so much more than just a visual artist. He tried everything much in the same way Andy Warhol did in the states or Takasha Murikami is doing now in Japan.

A museum named after the artist is located in Nagano, Japan.

Ikeda also worked as a film director.

Ikeda came onto the international art scene in the 1960s.

First Japanese artist to have a one man show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

As a writer he published some novels and even had some works turned into movies that he directed. Some even included porn stars.

His wife was a famous violinist named Yoko Sato. Both he and his wife loved to drink alcohol and enjoy sake.

The artist passed away in 1997 at the age of 63 years old.