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Artist of the moment……..Xul Solar


Xul Solar was from Argentina and renown for his highly stylized landscape paintings. Xul Solar was born in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1887. Solar was a Modernist painter, sculptor, and writer.

The artist’s full name was Oscar Alejandro Schultz Solari. He officially changed his name to Xul Solar somewhere between in 1916 and 1917.

He enjoyed exploring such ideas as religion and astrology in his work. His first major exhibition was in 1920.

The artist studied music and architecture.

Over his career his preferred medium of choice was watercolor.

Xul Solar passed away in 1963.

Below a montage of works by Xul Solar:

Price range information: Works range from $20,000 to $100,000. Solar painted in watercolor, tempera, and oils.

Solar was always creating and invented his own languages. The artist also devised newer versions of classic items such as a piano that featured three rows of keys.

What a fascinating artist. He reminds me of Dali for his unrelenting creativity and mastery of multiple mediums.



Artist of the moment…..Ronnie Woods

I am sure you associate the name Ronnie Woods with the legendary rock group the Rolling Stones, but he also a very talented painter and excellent draftsman. Ronnie Woods was born in the year 1947 in Middlesex, England. Upon looking at his work with the untainted eye of him being a celebrity, I was very impressed with his sense of design. With so much abundance of advertising and the advent of I-tunes, the artist and the public don’t pay attention to album covers as much as in years past. I love the Sargent Pepper album for the Beatles hit LP, but couldn’t tell you a cover that has blown my artistic mind since 2000.

Back in the 1960s an album was a key component to increasing album sales. Wood has a great eye for cropping the face of an artist but also for using his artistic eye to make a celebrity portrait that one can recognize easily. Wood is a great draftsman and draws the nude figure as well as he paints and draws the face.

For his artistic education Ronnie Wood attended the Ealing College of Art located in London.

One fan and collector of Ronnie Wood is former United States President Bill Clinton.

In this clip we visit a show featuring Ronnie Wood in the spring of 2013:

A link to the website showing the art of Ronnie Wood:

In this clip a fantastic selection of works by Ronnie Wood:

Price range information: Most works priced between $2,000 and $12,000.

What a talented artist! Other musicians who paint and have been profiled here include Tony Bennett and Bob Dylan.


Artist of the moment…..Musician and visual artist John Cage

John Cage first was both an internationally renown musician, visual artist, and composer born in 1912 in Los Angeles, California. Cage also helped to bring innovations to modern dance. Cage’s most famous work is titled Composition 4 33. It does include musicians, but the sound the person hears from the musicians is silence. They don’t play at all. The sound one hears is the reaction to the work.  We can only imagine what people must say…..What a unique idea.

Cage developed this famous number in 1952.

price range information:  His prints can be found starting at $2,000. Original paintings can reach $26,000.

He was very modern in his approach to both visual arts and composing using mathematical theory and adding in the variable of chance, Cage was able to come about with some remarkable and unique approaches to visual art and to the composition of music.

For his visual art he incorporated chance events such as using fire in his prints in this clip below. This clip is from 1986, when the artist was working on his fire series. His chance involved was how much time each print was left on the press, how long would it be exposed to the fire.

For his visual artworks his well received works include Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel. Cage uses prints and plexiglass in expressing thoughts about his friend Marcel Duchamp.

Also a well acclaimed was a watercolor series titled River Rocks and Smoke.

John Cage was also the author of multiple books.

Taught at Chicago School of Design.

Awarded the Kyoto Prize from Japan in 1989.

Here we visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain for a show. See some of his musical instrument adaptations including the prepared piano.

John Cage passed away in 1992 at the age of 79 years of age.


Artist of the moment…..Mark Kostabi

Mark Kostabi is an awesome artist dealing with the figure in using a sleek and minimalist approach similar to the British artist Julien Opie or street legend Keith Haring. Mark Kostabi was born in 1960 in Los Angeles, California. In 1982 moved to New York and became influential on the art  scene a couple of years later.

Splits most time between studios in New York city and Rome, Italy.

The artist has been on 60 minutes.

Like his brother Paul, also a musician. What an artistic family.

Wrote for answering questions about being an artist. I would call this site similar to

For his artistic education Kostabi attended California State University, Fullerton.

In this clip a brief interview on the artist and he explains his origins with art in elementary school.

In this clip we visit our dear friend and fellow art lover James Kalm. Kalm has known Kostabi for many decades. I often include James Kalm’s reports in the artists I profile. He does a great job capturing the setting and atmosphere of a show opening asking artists and curators about their works.

Kostabi has had a successful commercial advertising career designing album covers for Guns and Roses and even a Swatch brand watch.

Another great example of art and business lies with the artist’s brother Paul Kostabi born in 1962. . He started his own brand putting art decals and images on mobile devices like I-phones and tablets! Awesome. Paul Kostabi is a businessman, visual artist, and  professional musician. Paul Kostabi is included in prominent museums the Guggenheim in New York and Whitney Museum of Art. Below a great example of Paul Kostabi’s style. The name of his brand designing art covers  is BAD THINGS.


Below a clip showing more of Paul Kostabi’s style. I enjoy the way he references other artist’s in his work such as Basquiat and Warhol.

Mark Kostabi a debut album titled I Did it Steinway was released in 1998.

Many works are priced between $2,000 and $10,000. Some very rare color lithographs have sold for nearly $40,000 at auction.

Yet another very artistic family who are professional level at both visual and audio arts. Their parents did a wonderful job!