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Artist of the moment……….Rudy Autio


Rudy Autio was an American artist renown for his work with ceramics and sculpture. Rudy Autio was born in Butte, Montana in the year 1926.

Autio attended Montana State University at Bozeman, Montana where he earned a B.F.A. Autio went on to earn a M.F.A. from Washington State University located in Pullman, Washington.

Rudy Autio was a professor at the University of Montana and started the ceramics program in Missoula in 1957. The artist Beth Lo, profiled yesterday took over his post at the University after Autio retired.


Below we visit the artist in his studio and view some of his works. This clip is great to see the scale of Autio’s larger vessels:

Rudy Autio passed away in 2006 at the age of 80 years old.

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What unique style. I enjoy his ceramics work very much as the artist was a master at drawing with line. The works aren’t just a vessel with a unique shape, Autio’s vessels contains a wonderful mix of line and color that make them seem like an animated vase.

Autio is part of the collection of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Missoula, Montana Art Museum.


Artist of the moment…….Beth Lo



Beth Lo is a ceramics artist renown for her work depicting the figure, mainly children. Beth Lo was born in Lafayette, Indiana in the year 1949. Lo attended the University of Michigan earning a bachelors degree in general studies. Lo went on to study ceramics and earn an M.F.A. from the University of Montana at Missoula. She studied with a renown ceramics artist Rudy Autio.

After Autio retired in 1985, Beth Lo took over his post as a professor.

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The artist is based out of Missoula, Montana. She is an art professor at the great University of Montana at Missoula.

In this clip we take a trip to Missoula to visit the studio of the artist. I would fast forward to the 1:54 mark in the clip where the interview begins:

Lo is a past grant winner of the National Endowment for the Arts.

Lo’s plates remind me of Picasso’s. Her work’s seem to be more narrative in nature, but I enjoy the end result. What a master at creating figurative work either flat or in three dimensions.




Artist of the moment……..Terrance Guardipee



Terence Guardipee is a Native American artist born in the year 1968. Guardipee is renowned for his artwork that combines historical documents and his own unique style of Native American painting.

Ledger painting was a popular form of art, Guardipee put his own twist on the idea by painting and drawing on more than one ledger at a time.

Guardipee grew up on the Blackfeet reservation. His style of bold color and flat design represents his Blackfeet heritage.

Guardipee attended the Institute of the American Indian Arts located in Sante Fe, New Mexico. The school is the only four year institute in the United States dedicated to the preservation of Native American Arts.

The artist is now based out of Seattle, Washington.

Terrance Guardipee is included in the collections of the Smithsonian Institute and the Gene Autry Museum.

What I enjoy most about the artist are the titles of his works. The artist opens up another door to the history of his people by using such clever titles as Running Eagle returning from a War Raid. His hats are also a keen observation of his work sometimes replacing the eye as a major focal point. The works without eyes have an ephemeral feeling.

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Artist of the moment……..Ted Waddell


Ted Waddell is a wonderful painter from Montana renown for his paintings featuring horses painted in an abstract style. Ted Waddell was born in Billings, Montana in the year 1941.

For his collegiate education the artist studied at many institutions including Eastern Montana College and the Brooklyn Museum School of Art. Waddell went on to earn a M.F.A. from Wayne State University located in Detroit, Michigan.

Waddell has owned a working ranch for much of his painting career. Its easy to see his fondness of the rancher and lifestyle.

The artist is associated with the Abstract or Abstract Expressionist groups.

Here we see part 1 of a great interview with Theordore Waddell:

The artist has also taught at the collegiate level at the University of Montana.

price range information: Sorry none available. The artist paints in watercolor, gouache, and oils. Many times the artist uses mixed media in his work.



Artist of the moment……James Chronister


James Chronister was born in Helena, Montana in the year 1978. Chronister is renown or his black and white paintings that recall the pointillist artists of yesterday.

Chronister moved to California for college  and attended San Francisco’s California College for the Arts. He still remains based out of this area.

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The artist works in oils.

One reason I started this website was to focus on the different process artist’s use to create. This artist paints in the dark! In this clip we view the artist at work via a time lapse. What an interesting process. One wonders if he worked in color if he could get such impressive results!:

In this clip a brief news clip about James Chronister with some of his artwork:


A link to the website of James Chronister:

Its great to see such fascinating work in black and white. I wonder if Ansel Adams might paint in the dark  since he did such great work in the dark with his photography!


Artist of the moment…..Jaune Quick-to-See Smith

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith was born in 1940 on the Salish and Kootenai Indian Reservation in Montana. She is renown for her work with prints and printmaking.

For her collegiate studies the artist attended Framingham State College in Massachusetts. She would go on to earn an masters degree, also in art, at the University of New Mexico.

Her style is a blend of realism and she enjoys creating different surface textures for the viewer.

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Included in many prominent collections including the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Musuem of ARt, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In the clip below a great interview with Jaune Quick to See Smith.

Another short story about the biography of Jaune Quick-to-See Smith.

Has one son that is renown for his printmaking and painting skills. His name is Neal Ambrose Smith and below are some examples of style.

The artist works with pastels and lithographs frequently.