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Artist of the moment………..Don Rambadt


Don Rambant is a fantastic sculptor renown for his work with birds. Don Rambant was born in the year 1950. Rambant loves to work with birds and states that the subject matter fascinates him to no end. Rambant attended the University of Wisconsin where he studied biology and illustration. Rambant also studied printmaking in Italy.


Rambant is based out of Wisconsin.

In this clip we view a great interview from 2009:

Two of my favorite animal artists are Bob Kuhn and Charley Harper. Both were great at taking the very complex anatomy of the animal and simplifying it. Rambant takes their ideas and applies it to sculpture. In developing his work the artist talks about making a design using the first image that he gets whilst looking at something out of the corner of his eye.

Similar to my favorite Inuit artists, I enjoy the use of negative space in the birds by Rambant as well. The addition of  basic geometric shapes in addition the sense of “air” we get from the style he sculpts, gives the artist’s work a wonderful sense of a creativity.  Rambant is my favorite bird sculptor as I love his mix of reality and use of his artistic license to create wonderful works for us all to enjoy!