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Artist of the moment……Michael Seward Snow



Michael Seward Snow was a British painter renown for his abstract style. It is important to remember his middle name as another artist from Canada is also named Michael Snow.

Michael Seward Snow was born in Manchester, United Kingdom in the year 1930. His father was a headmaster of a school. Snow did not attend art school.

Seward Snow enjoyed the modernist art colony called St. Ives tremendously. The artist was also a member of the Penwith Society of Artists whose goal was to break away from the traditional definition of what art is.

The artist enjoyed looking at astronomer and often looked at stars for long periods of time.

For two decades Michael Seward Snow taught at Exeter Art College located in Exeter, Devon, England.

Michael Seward Snow passed away in 2012.

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What a great use of color, organic and inorganic shapes, edges, and composition. One has to appreciate artists who work in an abstract manner as they improve so much with age. Snow’s work reminds me of the wonderful Shirley Jaffe, who is still creating wonderful abstract paintings vast in size though she is in her 90s.