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Artist of the moment…..Maximilien Luce

Maximilien Luce was a French painter associated with the Neo-Impressionism and Pointillist movements. Maximilien Luce was born in Paris, France in the year 1858. The artist worked with many subjects and two favorite subjects included nude bathers and the landscapes. In addition to painting and engraving Luce also produced a large amount of lithographs.

When he began his career he was an engraver. Luce then worked as an Impressionist, then a Pointillist, and then returned to Impressionism. His father was a railway clerk. One of his first jobs was working in the studio of artist Eugene Froment. Luce produced woodblock prints.

The artist often used his wife as his muse.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $750,000.

In this clip a great montage of works by Maximilien Luce set to music:

For additional artistic input Luce attended the L’Academie Suisse and also studied with Carolus- Duran, the main teacher of John Singer Sargent.

The artist left his career as an engraver behind as newer printing presses signified an end to his profession as a whole. Luce then decided he would try to be a full time painter.

Was elected President of the Society of Independent Artists. He resigned the position as he didn’t agree with the way Jewish artists were not being allowed to join this group.

Price range information: Works range from $100,000 to $4.2 million at auction for an oil painting.