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Artist of the moment…….Masao Maeda

Masao Maeda was a Japanese printmaker who was born in Hokkaido, Japan in the year 1904.  Hokkaido is a small island of Japan. The main subject for Maeda were landscapes. The artist wanted to be an artist since being a very young boy. Maeda worked in oils when he was learning and developing this style. At this time he was painting in oils and in a more western style. By the 1940s Maeda concentrated solely on printmaking.

For his works containing mountains Maeda would hike to the middle ground and paint and sketch from this location. He was an avid hiker.

For his artistic education Maeda attended the Kawabata Painting School.

A major influence and mentor for Maeda was the artist Hiratsuka Unichi. Unichi was one of the most influential printmakers and blow a fine example of his work.


At the beginning of his artistic career Masao Maeda studied with a Japanese painter that was renown for painting in “western” style named Ryuzaburo Umehara. Below an example of his work. Maeda would soon meet other artists who were taking part in the sosuka-hanga movement and Maeda would soon follow this path.


Masao Maeda passed away in 1974.

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