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Artist of the moment…..Marion Tuu L’uuq

Marion Tuu L’uuq was a world renown Inuit artist and printmaker born in the Baker Lake, Nunavet Territory of Canada in the year 1910. She lived the traditional nomadic lifestyle then associated with the Inuits. For example, she had 16 children and only four were still living when she passed away. One bad winter, a bad disease, could easily wipe out a large percentage of the population. Back in these days the Inuits relied on fur trading for a living. Now a great many are professional artists. If you are knew to the blog make sure and check out the man who made it all happen, James Houston.

In this clip we visit the famed auction house of Canada Waddingtons to view  a work by Tuu L’uuq up for sale.

Another work for sale at the auction house.

price range information: Prints are found starting at $500 and originals reach as high as $25,000.

In addition to making prints, Tuu L’uuq also was known for working with fabric and blankets. Her main emphasis as an artist was colorist.

When the Baker Lake clan was making a push to turn to art for revenue, they needed some guidance. Two artists named Jack and Sheila Butler were helpful in getting Tuu L’uuq national and international recognition.

She was married twice and her second husband was another well known artist named Luke Anguhadluq. This artist was amazing as he came to the art world very late in his life. He began to paint and draw at age 73. Luke was also part of the Baker Lake art printmaking cooperative since it was started in the year 1969.

Luke also was a very skilled hunter and trapper.

A curator talks about artist Luke Anguhadluq  and another artist, Parr and their life history.

Luke Anguhadluq was born in 1895 and passed away in 1982 at the age of 87 years old.

price range information: Sorry, none available.

Below some works by the artist.