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Artist of the moment……Photographer Matthew Brandt



Matthew Brandt is an American photographer renown for his landscape imagery. Matthew Brandt was born in 1982.

Brandt attended Cooper Union College in New York City earning B.F.A. The artist went on to earn a M.F.A. from U.C.L.A.

A link to the website of Matthew Brandt:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Matthew Brandt is now based in Los Angeles, California.

Below we view a gallery show featuring Matthew Brandt that took place in 2012:

In this clip Matthew Brandt talks about some of his new and innovative techniques that he applies to his photographs. For some effects he even uses acid:

If you enjoy some abstraction in your photography make sure and check out my post on Marco Breuer. Breuer uses some of the same methods of destroying the image as Brandt including burning.



Artist of the moment………Marco Breuer



Marco Breuer is a German artist renown for his abstract work with photography. Marco Breuer was born in Landshut, Bavaria in the south-east part of Germany. The artist attended  school in Germany eventually earning a degree in photography from the University of Applied Sciences. The artist tries to damage the paper as much as possible in some cases he burns it!

In this clip we view a show featuring Marco Breuer’s fantastic art with C-print papers:

In this clip we visit a show at the Von Lintel Gallery located in New York City from 2012:

I enjoy looking at Breuer’s photography as much as a master Ansel Adams because his approach is the exact opposite. Breuer takes advantage of the improvements made in C-print paper over the years and over his process pushes it to its breaking point. The artist exposes an undeveloped paper to light, whereas Ansel Adams best work came in the dark room, part of Breuer’s process is to expose the paper to light and leave the darkroom.

Price range information: Works range from $1,000 to $10,000.

Breuer is part of numerous public and private collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York City and Art Institute of Chicago.

The most fascinating idea about this artist is that he makes great images that have nothing to do with photographs.