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Artist of the moment……..June Northcroft Grant



June Northcroft Grant is a Maori Artist from New Zealand. The artist was born and raised in the cities of Wairoi  and Wanganui, New Zealand. Grant attended the Waiariki Polytechnic in Rotorua, New Zealand.

She is the descendant of a well known tourist guide. Grant also maintains connections to groups that promote tourism and industry of the Maori culture.

Grant enjoys telling the stories of her tribe through her art. She often looks to her ancestors and tribe for stories to tell. She finds that one story and painting will often lead to another painting.

The artist is a fantastic business person starting who own company which specialized in producing screen prints of Maori art. She has received many awards for her business prowess.

Grant is a breast cancer survivor.

Price range information: Sorry none available.



Artist of the moment…………Patrick Amos


Patrick Amos is a First Nations representing the Mowachat band of the Nuu-chah-nulth Nation. Patrick Amos was born on Nookta Island in British Columbia, Canada in the year 1957. Amos is a very prolific artist working as a carver, sculptor, producer of masks, drums, maker of boxes, and printmaker.

He began his career studying with master First Nations artist Tony Hunt Sr.

In this clip a brief interview with the artist and some of his works. He began carving before he was a teen and he shares his painting process:

Patrick Amos has worked at the Royal British Columbia Museum. Here he has worked with First Nations artist Tim Paul. One collaboration was for a 36 foot totem pole for the Maori people of New Zealand.

Amos has also taught classes about Native Canadian Art at the collegiate level. Amos has taught at the Duquaht School of Art located in Ucelet, British Columbia since the early 1990s.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Patrick Amos is one of my favorite First Nations artist mainly for his design skills. The interesting idea of including a human face on the frog in the gallery I found very interesting. Amos reminds me of the American painter Beverly Doolittle. Doolittle paints the scenes of the American West that often have faces of people hidden in the landscape.

I enjoy the mediums explored by the artist. What a multi talented master artist! It’s great to see someone so talented teaching at the collegiate level.



Artist of the moment…….Todd Couper


Todd Couper is a Maori artist from New Zealand who creates remarkable wildlife carvings. Todd Couper was born in 1974. Couper produces carvings and jewelry.

For his artistic education Couper attended the Te Aute Boys College and also Waiariki Institute of Technology.

Couper is highly sought after for his works with birds. Couper has also done some great works with the whale as his subject.

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Artist of the moment…. Shane Cotton….

Shane Cotton was born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in the year 1964.  His background is part Maori, so he sometimes expresses his ideas on colonialism, capitalism, and the modern world.

For his artistic education Cotton attended the IIam School of Fine Arts in 1988.

Upon graduation was part of teaching faculty at Massey University.

Was a winner of the Frances Hodgkins Fellowship. One of the best artist in residence opportunities in New Zealand this award is given to an up and coming artist of the region. Hodgkins was a well known and respected New Zealand artist born in 1869. Below is an example Hodgkin’s painting style. Upon winning this prize Cotton’s work was in high demand.


Price range information:  The artist has produced screenprints which $1,000 to $1,500.  Original acrylics range $1,000 to $35,000. Lithographs cost $1,000 to $2,000.

In this clip from the National Gallery of Australia a work titled three quarters view is explained. As in his past work Cotton makes us aware of the different ideas that exist at this time from colonialism to Christianity and also the Maori culture which is also part of the artist heritage.

Its important when looking at Cotton’s work to SLOW DOWN! Take it all in and recognize that every object in the painting has meaning. It could be a golden finch (bird) or even some plain text, but his paintings have a deep emotional and cultural feel though it may not be felt at first if you don’t know what the symbols mean, such as the finch.


Artist of the moment……Rex Homan….

Rex Homan is a wonderful contemporary artist born in Thames, New Zealand in the year 1940.   Homan is a master of Maori art, this is art coming from the country of New Zealand.

Homan is known for his work with wood, though he does works with bronze as well.

Now lives in Tuaranga, New Zealand.

When working in a series he will sculpt birds from a particular region such as Canada or his native New Zealand.

My favorite works by Homan are his owls. Owls play an important role in the Inuit society in Canada, especially the snowy owl that takes away your spirit when you pass away. Its interesting to see Inuit art and Maori art that use the same subject matter.  Ravens, crows, and eagles have all been explored by the artist. I enjoy the simplicity and flowing lines use by the artist.


When comparing the works of Rex Homan to another artist I am reminded of the great Charlie Harper. Harper was a wonderful illustrator and did many series with various species of birds. The flowing lines and bright colours used by Homan made me think that had Charlie Harper been a sculptor, this is what his work would look like today. Below an example of an owl by Charlie Harper.


Price range information: Works in wood and bronze range $6500 to $20,000.