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Artist of the moment……Luke Airut….

Luke Airut was born in 1942 and is one of the greatest living Inuit artists famous for his work with stone sculpture. Airut enjoys working with the medium as he is free to use his artistic license, but the artist has also worked with traditional Inuit materials such as caribou antlers and whalebone. Airut also produces jewelry.

One theme that I have noticed with the Inuit sculptors is sculpture that represents a man changing to a bear or walrus. Airut’s works on this genre are my favorite of the Inuit artists for his high degree of finish.

Price range information: The artist is famous for his highly detailed works ranging from $1,500 to $5,000.

Airut took 6 months of classes at the Arctic College of Iqaluit.

In this clip from Waddington’s auctions house in Canada we view a work from Luke Airut from many different angles.

Wish there was more information on the artist, but more Inuit artists coming soon!

An entire civilization that to a large degree is still surviving due to art, what a great story!  I never knew about Eskimo artists as a child and find them fascinating!