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Artist of the moment…….Mao Yan


Mao Yan is a wonderful artist born in Xiagtan, Hunan Provence, China in the year 1968. Mao Yan enjoys painting the figure in a way that reminds me of Lucien Freud. Freud like Mao Yan was not out for an exactly likeness, rather an emotional snapshot of the person. Also both artists use unusual compositions in working with the figure.

Yan was influenced by Goya. Its easy to see with his great use of contrast and dark colors.

Price range information: Works range from the high figures to over $1.4 million dollars at auction.

Mao Yan works in oils, watercolors, and pastel.

For his artistic education Mao Yan attended the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Yan is also a teacher working at Nanjing University of Art also located in Beijing, China.


New auction record for a work at auction

Francis Bacon’s wonderful triptych of fellow artist Lucien Freud sold at the auction house Christie’s for $142.4 million. The work is titled ” Three Studies of Lucien Freud.” The price was $106 million euro dollars.

And here some background on Francis Bacon and his work of art by Christie’s. Bacon talks about how he prefer’s to paint portraits from photographs.

Here is the news about the record price after the auction!

Also a new record was reached for a living artist. American artist Jeff Koons, renowned for his depictions of balloon animals sculptures made out of steel, had a work sell for $58.4 million which surpassed Gerhard Richter’s work of Cathedral Square located in Milan, Italy sold for $37.

Koons is very interesting to me as his studio looks like the floor of an Standard and Poors 500 mid cap company! So many employees and projects going on at the same time! Here we visit the artist’s studio, and see the many employees on site, and hear some background about the record breaking work of art from Koons:

And the highlights/results of yesterdays auction:

The world of  auctions certainly is interesting! The same day an orange diamond sold at auction for $35 million.