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Artist of the moment……..Lin Emery




Lin Emery is a wonderful contemporary artist renown for her kinetic sculptures composed of aluminum. Lin Emery was born Larchmont, New York in the year 1926. Emery attended Columbia University and Syracuse University of New York. The artist also studied abroad in Paris.

She began her art career sculpting large size figures for religious organizations.

Below a link to the website of Lin Emery:


Emery is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. She used to have two studios, but one was ruined by Hurricane Katrina.


In this clip we see one of Lin Emery’s signature works:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

Emery is part of prominent museum collections in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Below another fantastic sculpture of Lin Emery:

Emery is great at seeing animals as simple shapes. A three dimensional version of the artwork of Charley Harper!


Artist of the moment……George Rodrigue

George Rodrigue was born New Iberia, Louisiana in the year 1944. Rodrigue was most famous for his paintings featuring a blue dog that was based on his own dog.

The artist was also known for his regional landscapes that featured such “cajun” items as swamps, oak trees, bugs, and rivers.

For his artistic education Rodrigue attended the University of Southwest Louisiana at Lafayette. He went on to attend the Otis Center College of design located in Pasadena, California.

Price range information : The artist was a highly productive printmaker, especially towards the latter part of his career for the hurricane relief.

Prints start in the $3,000 and reach up to $ 125,000 for an original oil. Rodrigue also worked in acrylics.

The artist passed away in 2013. The artist thought his poor health came from mixed medium work done at the beginning of his career in a studio with poor ventilation.

In this clip art beat has an interview with the artist. Rodrigue talks about his early paintings and why he chose the oak tree as a common symbol in his early works. Also covered are the fantastic relief efforts Rodrigue went through to help rebuild his beloved city of New Orleans:

In this clip we view an interview with  the artist and P.B.S.: