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Artist of the moment…..Liu Baomin

Liu Baomin is a wonderful contemporary artist renown for his work with the figure in a very abstract style. Liu Baomin¬† was born in Xian, Shaanxi province, China in the year 1968. Baomin’s style gives the viewer plenty of action and movement to keep the eye busy as you focus on a head that appears to be covered with layers of water or perhaps a sheet of plastic. For his artistic education Baomin earned a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts located in Xian, China.

price range information: Newer works at auction are bringing in nearly $50,000. No prints are available.

The process is very time consuming and the artist produces only 3 to 4 works per year.

Most of these works fall under the Extreme Illusion series. These works, which can take years to finish, have been very successful at auction world wide.

Baomin lives and works out of Beijing, China.

In his artist statement Baomin tells us his works are to evoke the viewer to take a look at themselves as if they were the face they were looking at. Similar to many Eastern artists Baomin is trying to show the disappointment and various emotions people show as they are caught up in attaining materialistic goals and trying to fit into a more Western world.  These artists all seem to have one goal in mind, that people enjoy living in a consumer driven society, but what cost does this society do to the many people caught up in their dreams.

Its a very thought provoking idea to bring consumerism into this picture. Are we interested in people for their thoughts, or for the consumer brands they represent. Are we interested in the person, or the distorted person more?

Wonderful questions to contemplate whilst looking at this fine painter!