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Artist of the moment…….Ernest Zacharevic



Ernest Zacharevic is a wonderful street artist born in Lithuania.

Zacharevic works with the figure in a very humorous manner. In some works he makes use of tree and plant branches to use for people’s hair.

The style of the artist is very interesting  that takes into account not only the surface, but the texture. His heads with hair remind me of Chia pets!

In this clip we view the artist at work at a street art fair in 2014. Zacharevic makes great use of the grey color of the walls in his portraits:

In this clip we view a show titled “Art is Rubbish” by Ernest Zacharevic:

The artist is now based out of Malaysia.

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A link to the website of Ernest Zacharevic:

What a unique style!


Artist of the moment……Samuel Borenstein

Samuel Borenstein was born in Lithuania in the year 1908. Borenstein painted in an expressionist and impressionistic manner the landscapes of his native country and his adopted country of Canada.

Borenstein worked in many mediums including watercolor, oils, ink, and gouache.

For his artistic education Borenstein was basically self taught having only been to a formal school for art for less than one year.

The artist moved to Montreal, Quebec,  Canada in the year 1921.

Borenstein was based out of Montreal for most of his adult life.

Samuel Borenstein passed away in 1969.

The artist had a daughter named Joyce Borenstein who is an artist. Joyce Borenstein wrote and directed a movie that told the story of her father named “Colours of my father: A  Portrait of Sam Borenstein. “

The movie was nominated for an Academy Award.

Another great family of artists!

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