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Artist of the moment…..Linden Frederick…..

One of my favorite artists working with the urban scene. When I think of the artwork from this artist I am reminded of where I grew up, middle class suburban America. Occasionally Frederick has worked with mobile houses. For the most part he works with oils on linen.

For his collegiate art studies Frederick attended the Ontario College of Art located in Toronto in Canada. He was also able to study abroad at the Academie de Belle Arte located in Florence, Italy. Frederick also attended Houghton College in New York.

First exhibition was in 1989.

A link to Linden Frederick’s own personal website:

Price range information: None available.

Linden Frederick has been featured on the cover of my favorite artist magazine, American Art Collector.

In this clip from Forum Galley who shows the artist’s work, we actually see him at work on one of his classic urban scenes. We also here him speak about his art.

Another artist working with the mobile home theme is John Salt. Salt hails from the United Kingdom and made his push to fame in the 1960s by painting mobile home parks and old time worn vehicles. When I drive by a mobile home park, I ALWAYS think how would Mr. Salt paint this scene. He is considered a photorealist painter and below is a wonderful example of his style.


One of my favorite artists working with the urban scene that I featured before is Robert Kipniss. A master printmaker his works exude the stillness that is found in the early morning hours, I speak with direct knowledge as I used to be a paper boy. Very moody and very subdued works with a fantastic example of his style that plays darks against lights.  The artist also does a wonderful job with trees and foliage, this shows in his lithographs.




I hope you learned some lessons from looking at the works of these masters of traditional Americana scenes. Each does a great job at making the buildings incorporated with the land. I enjoy watching Bob Ross paint, he loves what he does but he has some bad habits of making the trees using basically only one method. Another bad habit is he places houses and cabins in his works that don’t fit in at all to its surroundings. Every edge is very sharp and nothing blends with the foliage.


Try drawing an urban scene, using any material, try to build a sense of quiet and mood by building excitement and tension in your darks.