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Artist of the moment………..street artist Wesr


Wesr is a wonderful street artist now based out of Berlin, Germany. Wesr’s government name is Danny Figueroa.

Wesr was born in Chiclayo, Peru in the year 1980. Wesr grew up in Lima, Peru.  He began making street art in 1996.

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Two art movements that have influenced and inspired the artist are Japanese manga and the Pre-Inca cultures of his home country of Peru. This culture is called the Mochica.

Wesr is also a tattoo artist.

Below a link to the website of Wesr, many cool pictures here!

I enjoy the narrative quality of Wesr’s work. The artist does a great job at showing how cultures change due to societal attitudes. The artist also does a great job at depicting different textures, placing a lot of detail in many works.

Below a great interview with Wesr:





Artist of the moment………..Margarita Checa



Margarita Checa is a sculptor from Peru renown for her works portraying the figure in wood. Margarita Checa was born in the year 1950. The artist attended the Catholic University of Peru at Lima. The artist also studied with one of Peru’s most renown sculptors, Christina Galvez.

Below a show featuring the works of Checa from an exhibition that took place in 2010:

Checa enjoys carving with olive wood trees.

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Below a link to the website of Margarita Checa:

The artist is often called the best female sculptor in all of Latin America.

What I enjoy most about Checa’s work is its ties to the culture of the artist. Much like the Inuit or the Shona artists, Checa also enjoys adding cultural items to her art such as silver, bronze, and even other woods from the region.

If you enjoy large figure work that is very expressive make sure and check out my post on artist Rosetta Santiago.


Artist of the moment……..Pablo Vargas Lugo


Pablo Vargas Lugo is a contemporary artist based out of Lima, Peru. Lugo makes paintings and also creates wonderful installations.

Pablo Vargas was born in Mexico City, Mexico in the year 1968. The artist attended the National School for the Fine Arts also located in Mexico City where he earned a B.F.A.




In this clip we watch as Pablo Vargas Lugo creates an installation:

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I enjoy the collages of this artist. These works have a great movement across the surface and also use patterns and shapes that repeat, two great themes in artwork of any kind.

The artist is also similar to Andy Warhol, both spent some time depicting disasters. Vargas Lugo did some works based on the extinction, or disaster of the disappearance of dinosaurs. Very creative and always looking to explore a new medium, a great contemporary artist.


Artist of the moment…..Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora is a wonderful modern artist who specializes in working with the figure using ceramics and other mixed media such as graphite wax, bronze, or gypsum. Emil Alzamora was born in Lima, Peru in the year 1975. His works are amazing for their mix of realism and fantasy. The space figure is an great example of  a work done entirely in ceramics.

Grew up in Boca Grande, Florida. For his artistic education attended Florida State University at Boca Grande receiving a bachelors of fine art and graduating magna cum laude.

in part 1 of the clips we see the artist at work via timelapse. Its like seeing the entire creative process in a few minutes time:

Part 2 of the of the timelapse:

Part 3 of the series:

A link to the website of artist Emil Alazmora:

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What a wonderful and unique interpretation of the figure. I love the emotion Alzamora inserts into each piece. One of few figure artists working with ceramics, and the addition of other unique materials like graphite wax gives the artist’s work a great feeling as if he was capturing an ephemeral moment in time for us to enjoy forever.

Lately the artist has moved into works that resemble mythical creatures, mixtures of man and beast. I encourage you to visit his website!