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Artist of the moment………..Odeith


Odeith is a fantastic street artist from Portugal renown for his style of creating depth and three dimensional on flat surfaces.

Odeith was born in Damala, Portugal in the year 1976.

The artist has ran his own tattoo parlor.

He became interested in graffiti and street art by seeing it on trains in the 1990s.

The artist is based out of Lisbon, Portugal. Odeith is also a commercial artist and has worked with such international brands and Shell Oil and Coke.

Below a link to the website of the artist Odeith:

Price range information: This artist is great for the fact its very easy to purchase a fine print. At the website listed above prints range from 25€ up to  550€. If you live in States or own U.S. dollars its a great opportunity to buy a piece of fine art whilst the dollar is so strong against the euro.

In this clip from Odeith we see many examples of his style of artistic lettering:


Odeith stands alone with his style of building dimension in letters. With many street artists who use typography they exaggerate the letters so much I can’t understand them! Not so with Odeith, whose letters and work I can recognize at first glance.

Many artists are able to make fantastic images making three dimensional works out of letters, but what is so impressive about Odeith is that he is able to apply his style to the corners of buildings, and their 90 degree angles, in addition to painting on the flat side of a building.

Below more images by Odeith:


Artist of the moment……..Street Artist Above

Above is an American street artist born in California in the year 1981. Above is famous for his subject matter of an arrow pointing up that is painted to look three dimensional. Above is a painter, illustrator, and also an installation artist. The arrows are sometimes hung from locations very high from the ground on occasion including words.

Above has worked in more than 100 different cities worldwide!

A link to the website of Above:

Similar to Banksy, Above has chosen to keep his identity a secret.

In this clip a great interview with Above. He talks about his childhood, and how living close to the train tracks turned out to be a blessing in disguise:

My personal favorite works of Above are his stencils that are time sensitive. As in the gallery above with a man that looks to be balancing on something painted, in fact the shape is a cast shadow that makes the picture complete when the sun is setting. What a great concept, time sensitive art!

price range information: Sorry none available.