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Artist of the moment……Jan Vormann



Jan Vormann is a wonderful street artist who incorporates lego’s into decaying houses or buildings giving the works a humorous and artistic vibe. Vormann was born in Bamberg, Germany in the year 1983. Vormann attended Otto Friedrich University and also in Russia where he studied how to preserve and restore public monuments.

Vormann is based out of Berlin, Germany, but has worked in St. Petersburg,  Zurich, Amsterdam, and Tel Aviv among many other locations.

Vormann had his first solo exhibition in 2009.

In this clip we view Vormann in action.

With the success of the Lego movie this year I thought it was important to use how various artists use Legos as their medium of choice. Other artists working with the medium already profiled here include Nathan Sawaya and Matteo Negri.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

What a creative way to use Legos and what an artist!




Artist of the moment…….Matteo Negri

Matteo Negri was born in Italy in the year 1980. Since Lego’s are all the fad in the box office, I wanted to check out some artists working with lego’s as part of their artwork. I loved Legos as a child!

Matteo Negri creates various works of art both sculptures using iron and also works on paper.

Price range information: Paper works start at 700 euros for a limited edition print. Sculpture works range from 10,000 to 20,000 euros.

A personal favorite here are the works which reference other modernist painters such as Piet Mondrian. I love the addition of the textured circles to Mondrian’s idea. It was if Modernism became more modern!

Here we visit a show featuring the works of Matteo Negri. The wonderful lighting again adds to the Modernist feeling of his artwork!

A link to a website selling works of the artist:

I know loves Legos even more!