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Artist of the moment……Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer is an artist born in Gallipolis, Ohio that is world renown for stating her ideas and thoughts about feminism and politics though visually stimulating text. At first the artist used the popular poster as a way to express her ideas. As with anything else technology came along and now she has a very unique way of organizing her displays.

A link to the website of Jenny Holzer:

For her collegiate studies Holzer attended the Rhode Island School of Design.

She has a  very high business IQ with many mediums stating her ideas from plaques, digital signs, LED signs, stone benches, footstools, stickers, t shirts, and paintings.  One very cool object the artist got to design was a Le Mans racing car. I have showcased other artists like Warhol and Lichtenstein who also did the same thing. Below is Jenny Holzer’s BMW!


In this clip from Art21, the series done by public television often recommended here, we listen a brief interview featuring Jenny Holzer.

A brief montage of works by Jenny Holzer.

And now we visit a show at the Tate in Liverpool, England.

Another genre explored by Holzer is that of the past wars of the United States in the Middle East. Yet another artist that chose to use maps as part of her work. This makes three artists in just a few days of writing. Holzer found documents and maps of Baghdad and how to invade Iraq. She also used information from the National Security Archive to bring a personal side to her art by taking actual words from interrogations and even confessions.

Jenny Holzer has helped to produce seven books!

You probably have seen the artists work if you have been to big cities like New York and even Oslo, Norway. I think of her as Ms. Las Vegas for her clever way of mixing text, to me all of her work looks like an advertisement, which is exactly what the culture contains at the moment.

Jenny Holzer was the first woman ever to represent the United States in the Venice, Biennale in 1990.

Price range information: Sorry none available.


Artist of the moment…Light artist Leo Villareal….

The artist was born in Albuquerque,  New Mexico in 1967.

Currently works and lives in New York city.

A clip from the San Jose Museum of Art featuring a show given my Leo Villareal.

Another clip from the same show.

I decided to add another clip because his art is something that must be seen when it lights up and its fun to watch the pattern of the lights.

The artist is among the finest in the world when it comes to incorporating modern technology with his art. His installations are a visual delight for the eyes. Fun shapes and electricity make for a wonderful result.  Like Harkness Villareal went to Yale and earned his bachelors degree there. For his graduate studies the artist went to NYU Tisch School for the Arts.

Had had major exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. The Hirschorn Musuem of Art and Sculpture, the Los Angeles Musuem of Contemporary Art. Included in museum collections at the Museum of Modern Art New York and Brooklyn Museum of Art also in New York.

A link for the artist’s own website:

The artist developed a computer code that makes an autonomous illumination of the hundreds and sometimes thousands of lights used by the artists. The artist sometimes works in a very large format with works sometimes having sides longer than twenty feet.  Its great because by varying colors the viewer can have the feeling of bright sunshine or a cool grey sunset.

The most known public work of the artist is at the National Gallery of Art  in Washingon D.C.  The work is titled “Multiverse.” You can view it whilst walking from the East to the West buildings of the gallery.  The installation has more than 40,000 lights set up to a computer program.

A short clip from the Multiverse work.

In 1994 the artist attended the Burning Man festival in the middle of the Nevada desert. This helped him to decide on his artistic path.  Villareal wanted to re create experiences but done on a very large scale.

Price range: Was able to find a 12 by 12 by 6 inch box that went for $3,000. Not idea how much the larger sized public installations would be.

Villareal is working on a project to light up the San Francisco bridge. Some numbers on the project! It includes around 25,000 LED lights, the project is 1.8 miles wide, and 500 feet high.  Its a great project and it should start in 2013 and is set up to run for two years time.   The design took a great deal of work to be visable by those visiting the area and close to the bridge, but the community didn’t want it to become a distraction for the drivers crossing the brige. A great link for the project is:

I enjoy this artist for his use of very modern items including LED lights and developing his own software codes to illuminate the lights. Very innovative and contemporary!