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Artist of the moment…..Le Thanh Son

A short clip featuring a montage of the artist’s work. Don’t be worried the very beginning has Russian words, the clip is mainly artwork set to music.

The artist is from Vietnam and was born in 1962 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

He is best known for his painting of the lush green countryside of his native country.  The colors of the plants and flowers sparkle against his subdued paintings of the sky. The plants seem to jump out at the viewer.

In 1986 he graduated from college after attending the Hanoi Academy of Theatre and Cinema.

In 1990 won a prestigious art award for young artists in Hanoi.

high price range: $10,000

low price range: $2,000

Le Thanh Son works mainly with oils on canvas. Collected by Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton. Member of Vietnamese Fine Art Association.

on line and land based galleries: Gallery in Tokyo, Japan.!i=1617223364&k=rPr89Wf

Son was most influenced by the French Impressionist painters. He emphasizes texture as much as color in many of his works.

For some art homework try a painting of your favorite place you would like to visit, but haven’t yet.

Happy painting!