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Artist of the moment….Lyle Wilson

Lyle wilson is an artist from the Kitamaat village in British Columbia, Canada in the year 1955. The name of his city is translated to mean “people of the snow.” The artist draws much inspiration and usage from his Haisla tradition in his artwork, especially in his totem pole and mask works. A major inspiration to create art came from an uncle who was a professional artist named Sam Robinson, he was renown for his sculpture work. Wilson is a master of many mediums including printmaking, jewelry making, sculpture, and carving.

price range information: Works range from $400 to $30,000.

For his artistic education attended the University of British Columbia. Also attended the Emily Carr College of Art and Design located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Below a great interview with the artist and more artwork.

What a creative artist. It seems once you master the art of design in one medium, each easy to accomplish it another medium. From jewelry to printmaking Lyle Wilson produces it all.

Below a link to more information on the artist and more examples of his work.