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Artist of the moment…….Stanley “Mouse” Miller

Stanley George Miller  is an American Icon when it comes to classic record designs. The artist got his start creating posters and album covers for the musicians of the 1960s. Stanley Mouse was born in Fresno, California in the year 1940.

The artist got the nickname “mouse” when he was in the 9th grade. Miller grew up in Detroit, Michigan honing his skills at the Detroit Society for Arts and Crafts.

An influential partner was Alton Kelly. Kelly and Mouse did several record covers together. Miller met Kelly upon moving to San Francisco in 1965. Kelly and Miller are given the credit for producing the iconic image of a skeleton with roses that serves as the logo for the band the Greatful Dead.

Two bands that Mouse worked with on many occasions were The Greatful Deal and Journey. 

In this clip a greater look into the life of Stanley Mouse Miller:

Here we view Mouse in action working on a portrait with current musician Valerie Orth:

Miller began his art career by running some very lucrative businesses. Miller was a master airbrush artist and made his own t shirts and helped to design and paint custom hot rod designs. Once again the use of the automobile in art! These businesses did awesome in California.

Mouse Miller is based out of California and continues to paint to this day!

What a great story! Its great to look back and study the t shirt  and airbrush artists of the 1950s and 1960s. Even Chuck Close falls into this category. I enjoy the stories on West Coast as many artists formed very profitable companies designing and making unique t-shits. Nowadays with the Internet these t shirts are taken for granted. At a time they were very artsy!

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We will be taking a closer look at other artists who worked in poster and record design in California such as the artist’s longtime business partner Alton Kelly.