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Artist of the moment…….Joseph Overstreet


Joseph Overstreet is an American painter renown for his abstract works that use bold and bright colors. Overstreet was born in Conehatta, Mississippi in the year 1934.

Overstreet was a great draftsman and found employment with Walt Disney as an animator. After working this job Overstreet heading for New York to further his artistic talents. Disney was a good job but didn’t allow him the freedom of expression.

Before the days of computers artists hand drew the thousands of images used to create a cartoon. This was Overstreet’s job, drawing and painting many of the same images with very slight changes. Overstreet yearned to express himself so he took off for New York City.

Overstreet attended Contra Costa College and the California School of Fine Art. Overstreet has also taught at the collegiate level at the University of California at Hayward.

Overstreet has created politically charged works in the 1960s and 1970s, but now creates abstract works that incorporate Native American and African American symbols.

Here we view a great interview with Joseph Overstreet:

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Overstreet served in the merchant marines.