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Artist of the moment……….Joe Bluhm


As a huge fan of caricature artists lets check out one of the best in Joe Bluhm. Having done caricature in front of large crowds Joe Bluhm always got the nod from fellow artists for being the most creative and boldest artist in the chair.

Joe Bluhm was born in the year. Bluhm attended the Cleveland Institute of the Arts.

Below a short bio on Joe Bluhm:

In some cases you may see an artist can stretch or pull a feature from the comfort of their studio, but Joe Bluhm would push features to the maximum in his live caricature work. Bluhm is also a highly talented painter.

What I enjoy most about his technique is his ability to capture hair, especially short hair which can be tricky. Bluhm does a wonderful job at creating various small shapes rather than just leave a flat shape and tone for the hair. He also creates wonderful eyes.

Bluhm now works as a storyboard artist but he got his start drawing caricatures. In this clip we see him at work and some customers who don’t appreciate his skill at nailing their likeness!:

Adding my two cents as a caricature artist. The best way you can get experience is to go to a destination city and work their for a season. Bluhm was able to master his caricature by working in such destinations as Orlando, Florida. Las Vegas is another great destination for this opportunity. Its great because of the different types of people to be drawn.

One company that provides opportunities to caricature artists is

price range information: Sorry none available.

Below a link to the great website of Joe Bluhm. Many great nuggets of information here!:

Bluhm now works as a storyboard illustrator and concept artist for Moonbot Studios based out of Louisiana.