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Artist of the moment…..Israel Achiam

Israel Achiam was a fantastic sculptor born in the North of Israel in the year 1916 to a lower class family. Achiam worked in a very modern style representing the figure. Some genres explored by the artist include religion, the bible, and peace among civilization.

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Achiam studied how to use technology with the goal of increasing produce and crop yields. He was arrested for some political ideas he had and whilst in his jail cell began carving on his wall. And an artist was born!

In this clip we take a trip to the Israel Achiam Museum:

From the middle of the 1940s Achiam was based out of Paris, France. He was able to meet and was renown among the modern artists including Picasso, Jean DuBuffett, and Michael Tapies.

The artist worked with stone and wood.

Israel Achiam passed away in 2005.


Artist of the moment….Itzik Asher

Itzik oro Itzhik Asher was born in the year 1946 in Alexandria, Egypt. His father died when he was a child in an accident and his mother was forced to raise he and his brother. His mother moved to Israel. During this time Israel was having its own battle for independence and his mother turned the care of he and his brother over to  a boarding school. His mother visited him daily, but she was having difficulty living in a new country without her husband.

He was eventually placed in a village of youths in Aloney Yitzhak,  were many children had only parent or no parents due to the Holocaust. In this environment he and his brother flourished better than their previous location in Haifa, Israel. The artist would remain until he was 18 years old.

For college he attended Avny Institute located in Tel Aviv, Israel where he studied physical education and anatomy. After finishing school he returned to Aloney Yitzhak where he taught physical education.

By circumstance he was able to meet an employee of Baron de Rothchilds and he was given the opportunity to work for her and was put in charge of her private beach. Asher was able to have the finances available to take his sculpture work to the next level. Also the location of the private beach gave the artist an passion for learning about and collection Roman artifacts.

In the summer he worked on improving the beach businesses and the rest of the year he had the freedom and money to pursue as much art as he would like. Asher made a studio for himself right on the beach and it worked perfectly.

In this clip we view a very controversial work of art. Many parents complained about the figures and felt they shouldn’t be anatomically correct. The work refers to the plight of Jewish people in Russia and Ethopia.

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A link to the website of Itzhik Asher:


Artist of the moment….Interior Designer Ron Arad

Ron Arad is a wonderful artist who is renown for his creative way of furntiture design. Ron Arad was born in Tel- Aviv, Israel in the year 1951. For his artistic edcuation Arad attended the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. He went on to study architecture in London, England for five years.

Brother is named Atar Arad who is a professional musician.

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1989 founded his own design firm with Carline Thorman.

First breakthrough into the world of creative furniture design was a chair named the Rover Chair. Much of his chair work is made from steel or chrome.

Another creative idea is a bookworm designed bookcase. The case is actually a peace of art that is installed into the wall and can be conformed to a specific shape.

As with the Dulce and Gabbana clip, the aritst has made many collaborative efforts including designing a chandelier with Swarovski crystal company.

Was the main architect for the Bauhaus Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In this clip Ron Arad is joined by the duo Dolce and Gabbana. A wide selection of works is shown:

In this clip we visit a show from 2009 at the Museum of Modern Art New York City:

I enjoy Arad’s work for me its a cross of modern furniture design with the whimsical feel of Jeff Koons large works.


Artist of the moment…..Avigdor Arikha

A tribute to the artist done in 2010 covering his life’s work in the art world.

A great collection of the artist’s work set to music.

This artist passed away in 2010, but I still enjoy her line quality and painting of folds in fabric.

Arikha was born in Bukovina, Romania in 1929 to Jewish parents that spoke German. He was born in Romania. He nearly escaped death at a young age as many people were killed, such as the artist’s father, at concentration camps run by Romanians.

He moved to Palestine in 1944 and was injured in the Israeli War of Independence. Studied art in Jerusalem and even Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France.  In France he learned how to use fresco in his design. This involves the art of painting watercolor on wet plaster or ceiling.

In 1954 the artist decided to relocated to Paris, France.In 1961 the artist married the poet from America, Anne Atik.  He spent the remainder of his life living in Paris. He passed away in 2010 from complications due to cancer.

In the art world during the 1950s he became mainly an abstract painter. In later years the artist took up drawing and painting from life and eventually made a style for himself doing only subjects which he could finish painting or printing in one season. He loved to draw and paint directly from life using only natural light. An alla prima painter who didn’t like to spend more than one sitting working on a painting.

Arikia illustrated some books for the theater writer and producer Samuel Beckett.

The artist was commissioned for many portraits. Some famous public commissions include Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth and the former prime minister of the United Kingdom.

The artist was also well schooled in the history of art and curated a show that dealt with French artist Ingres. He has given lectures on art history at Yale University, Princeton University, and the Prado Musuem in Madrid, Spain.

Like so many artists from his time period she worked in many mediums including graphite, gouache, engraving,  charcoal, watercolor, pastel, oils, lithographs, ink, etching, and aquatint.

Low price range: Charcoal originals start close to $5,000. Etchings for $1,000. Drawings can be found in the couple hundred dollar range. Pastels from $1,000 to $5,000 range.

High price range: $134, 500 for an oil painting done the subject matter being books.

I enjoy this artist for being able to paint wonderful impressions of subjects. Without going into much detail about the subject the viewer still captures the fun shapes and color combinations found by the aritst. Like Wayne Theibaud the arist could take something boring like an umbrella lying on the floor, and make a wonderful still life from it.

Try painting something that might be boring to most people. In it see something that excites your artistic part of the brain. Be it color or some fun triangular shapes in the shadows.

On line and land based gallery: Marlborough Gallery in New York City handles art dealing with the artist’s estate.