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Artist of the moment…..Israel Achiam

Israel Achiam was a fantastic sculptor born in the North of Israel in the year 1916 to a lower class family. Achiam worked in a very modern style representing the figure. Some genres explored by the artist include religion, the bible, and peace among civilization.

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Achiam studied how to use technology with the goal of increasing produce and crop yields. He was arrested for some political ideas he had and whilst in his jail cell began carving on his wall. And an artist was born!

In this clip we take a trip to the Israel Achiam Museum:

From the middle of the 1940s Achiam was based out of Paris, France. He was able to meet and was renown among the modern artists including Picasso, Jean DuBuffett, and Michael Tapies.

The artist worked with stone and wood.

Israel Achiam passed away in 2005.