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Artist of the moment……..Anton Kannemeyer


Anton Kannemeyer is a South African artist renown for his cartoons depicting modern day problems with an emphasis on race relations.

Anton Kannemeyer was born in Cape Town, South Africa in the year 1967. He sometimes uses the moniker Joe Dog.

Kannemeyer earned a M.F.A. from the University of Stellenbosch located in South Africa. Price range information: Sorry none available.

The artist receives much hate mail from fellow South Africans about his views on race relations.

Below a clip featuring Kannemeyer talking about a show that took place in 2011:

Other artists I have profiled that include racial satire as a key element in the work include Kerry James Marshall and Kara Walker.



Artist of the moment………Lorelay Bove



Lorelay Bove is a wonderful artist and illustrator who has worked with Disney and Pixar animation studios. Bove was born in Spain. Bove attended the famed California Art Institute and then worked for Pixar and Disney studios.

Bove had a great hint at how to improve your illustrations. Take a great work like Alice in Wonderland, and create your own scene. Bove also loves to paint whilst traveling. Her works in this style remind me a great deal of American travel poster artist David Klein, already profiled here.

Price range information: Prints range from $100 to $500. No pricing on originals.

The artist was in charge of developing important sequences in the modern comic movie titled “Wreck it Ralph.” This was a great and successful movie about a video game character coming to life. In this clip Bove talks about this work:


As a huge fan of former Disney artist Mary Blair, I found Bove’s work to be similar in creativity and childlike freedom.

Below another great interview which also shows some artwork at various stages of development:

Below a link to the blog of Lorelay Bove. Very up to date and unique perspectives animation:


Artist of the moment…….Street artist Hyuro


Hyuro is one of few practicing female street artists. From Argentia, Hyuro is a social realist street artist bringing to our attention the worlds treatment of women and minorities.

She began her art career as a canvas painter and gradually made the move to street art.

Her work reminds me Swoon, the American street artist who made her mark using wheat paste ups. Both have excellent drawing skills and use no color if any at all.

In this clip we view a great work that took much time to complete. Each of the individual murals are great, but when seen from a car and moving, the work comes to life with all of the animation. In this clip we view the creation of this work:

The artist now is based out of Valencia, Spain.

price range information: Sorry none available.

What a great street art style, very simplistic and minimal with great draftsmanship.

To close we take a look at the mural above whilst moving in car, its very animated!


Artist of the moment……Photographer Miles Aldridge

Miles Aldridge is world renown British photographer born in London, England in the year 1964. For his collegiate education Aldridge attended Central St. Martin’s College of Art where he studied illustration. For his photographs Aldridge enjoys shooting glamorous models, wearing lots of makeup, in fancy costumes and dress.

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $20,000.

His father was a well known graphics designer named Alan Aldridge.

Aldridge was influenced by phototgrapher Richard Avedon.

In this clip some works from the magazine Vogue:

At the beginning of his career Aldridge worked as a director of music videos.

Some magazines Aldridge has worked with include Vogue and the New York Times.

Aldridge is part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery located in London, England.

In this clip from the Tate a brief bio about Miles Aldridge:


Artist of the moment…..Ian Francis

Ian Francis was born in Bristol, United Kingdon in the year 1979. His art is made from a variety of mediums as one work usually contains oils, acrylics, pen, charcoal, and ink. For his artistic education Francis earned a bachelors degree in illustration  from the University of the West of England. Using such a wide variety of mediums Francis is able to get very realistic but also very abstract in his artwork.

For his studio habits the artist likes to create art anywhere from 1 to 10 hours per day.

A link to the website of Ian Francis:

Francis is still based out of Bristol, England.

For his subject matter the artist gathers information from pornography, the internet, movies, and street culture.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In this clip we visit a show featuring the work of Ian Francis:

What an awesome blend of mediums the artist uses. His work has a freshly painted and newly created feeling.


Artist of the moment……New Zealand artist Mike Morgan….

Mike Morgan is a well known artist all  throughout Australia and New Zealand best known for his Surrealist paintings depicting large groups of people enjoying themselves. Mike Morgan was born in Whangarei ,New Zealand in the year 1952.

When the artist was fifteen he got employment at a local newspaper working in the cartoon and caricature section of the operation.

In 1972 at the age of twenty Morgan started painting with oils for the first time.

In 1980 made a voyage to North America visiting both Canada and the United States for the first time. Upon his return to Australia in 1981 Morgan was determined to be a full time professional artist.

1987 sells works to the Children’s Hospital.

1989 sells works to rock band U2.

Mike Morgan is now based out of  Auckland, New Zealand.

Price range information: Sorry none available.

In the clip below we visit a gallery show. The first 50 seconds is a scary trip in a car to the gallery, I say scary because in New Zealand cars drive on the left side of the road. Paintings start around 50 seconds into the clip.

When looking at his highly illustrative style I reminded of John Brack, the two are very similar with wonderful characters full of expression. I did a post on John Brack just a few days ago but to refresh your memory a painting by John Brack below.  Brack came from Australia and lived from 1920 to 1999. Its his most famous work, 5 o’clock Collins Street, showing evening rush hour in Australia. A great painter of crowd and group scenes, something else in common with Mike Morgan.



Artist of the moment…. Political Satirist Gerald Scarfe….

All of the pictures in the gallery are the work of Gerald Scare, EXCEPT the last picture, which was done by Sebastien Kruger.

The artist hails from the United Kingdom and was born London in June of 1936.

Here are some caricature drawn and painted by Gerald Scarfe in 2008. These were on the walls whilst you waited in line at Wimbledon.

A collaboration with the artist, sometimes referred to as the fifth member of the band, and Pink Floyd.

A great clip featuring Scarfe and the Victoria and Albert Museum and how it inspired him to an artistic career.

Average price ranges:  Working mainly as an illustrator I was able to find his work available in pen and ink, lithographs, and paintings. One work in pen sold at auction for $6,200. Lithographs available from $50 to $2250. Pastel range: $1,000 to $2,000.

He has done editorial cartoonist work for media companies in the United States ,such as the popular magazine the New Yorker and also Time magazine. He also worked across the pond working for The Sunday Times and many other magazines.

Another great caricature artist is Sebastien Kruger of Germany. Kruger is known for his paintings of the Rolling Stones. Some of his Keith Richards paintings are just amazing! Below is an example of a Kruger.


The artist is married to movie actress Jane Asher, the two were married in 1981. Asher dated Beatles star Paul McCartney for five years, the two were engaged to be married. After finding Sir Paul in bed with another lady she left him and met Scarfe in 1971. The couple have one daughter and two sons.


As a child the artist suffered from severe asthma, causing him to spend much time in bed. This caused him to draw as a means of an outlet both. He became a huge fan of Ronald Searle. For his education Scarfe attended Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design. He also attended the London College of Printing and East Ham Technical College.


The artist has also worked with Disney, helping to make the 1997 animated hit Hercules. Scarfe was in charge of character design, and teaching the lower level Disney artists how to portray the emotions he desired.


Designed a series of five postage stamps featuring famous British comedians.


Scarfe has also worked as theater set designer.

This artist is just great! Who doesn’t enjoy a great caricature, even if they are mean. As a former caricaturist myself, you have find out what features are different than a normal sized face and EXAGGERATE the difference. A big nose, becomes a honker.  Big lips, become even bigger like Angelina Jolie with snake poison in them!  Another artist I learned a great deal from drawing cartoons are Tom Richmond. We worked for the same caricature company, not at the same location however, and he went on to become a great cartoonist working for Mad magazine.


Al Hirschfeld is my favorite of all time. He used to draw awesome figures with a simple line. He drew many sketches in pencil on paper. He would then draw over them with ink. A celebrity artist, yet because of his simplistic and elegant style a self portrait by the artist could be had for less than four thousand dollars even at his peak!  Chris Rommel is another great caricature artist to check out. David Levine was another great caricaturist working in a pen and ink style.


Scarfe is awesome just to show people how brilliant a life in commercial art can be. One can be sure he has brought smiles to millions of people that look down at politicians with disdain. I went to a show called Hogath vs. Hockney last week.  He is a throwback to a simpler time when the artist’s pen was mightier than a sword or gun. A critic didn’t like a work that Hogarth had etched. Well Hogarth didn’t appreciate his disdain so he reworked the picture of himself with his dog. This time a book was placed below the dog. The dog was urinating on the book!


How about drawing a caricature today! Despite your political association, DRAW BOTH PARTY MEMBERS. I would take this a step further and draw any political figure because you can compare them to other artists and see if they exaggerated the same parts of the face that you did!



Artist of the moment….Kenneth Riley….

The artist is one of the few remaining links we have to the golden age of illustration. This would include such artists as N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle. Has worked with Robert Lougheed, John Clymer, and Donald Teague.

The artist was born in 1919 in Waverly, Missouri.

He is known for his paintings of the Indian people. Similar in genre to Howard Terpning, with a more contemporary and modern artistic feel.

The artist has been a member of the Cowboy Artists of America since 1982.

As a young artist just starting out he worked with the artist Harvey Dunn. Dunn had studied under Howard Pyle. Riley studied art in New York City at both the Art Students League of New York and the Grand Central School of Art. Grew up in Kansas. Attended college at Kansas City Art Institute.

In 1973 he and his wife made their move west and settled in Tucson, Arizona. The couple now live in Santa Barbara, California.

In the 1960s he won a very important commission from the United States government. The United States Parks Service hired him to paint landscapes of the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. Not only did the artist receive a handsome check for his efforts, but it moved him along his career path and made him focus on painting western scenes.

Winner of the highest award for a western artist, the Prix De West prize in 1995.

Included in many prominent collections including the White House and the Smithsonian.

I enjoy the artist for his use of color.

As with most old school artists he works in many mediums. Watercolor, pencil, ink, oils, prints, and gouache. For his commercial art career the artist worked for popular magazines Life and National Geographic.

Founding member of the National Academy of Western Art.

High price range: $112,000

low price range: $ 5000 to 7,000 for a pencil drawing. Prints start around $500.

Buy prints at the Greenwich Workshop, famous for prints from famous artists such as Howard Terpning, John Weiss (painter of canines), and Bev Doolittle:    More prints are also availabe from this gallery located in Dayton, Washington:

His advice to young artists, DRAW DRAW DRAW, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUT. Study the masters, but develop your own style.

For me this artist’s greatest asset is his use of color. The purples and reds that we see in the Indian’s clothing, are a perfect compliment to their skin tone. Also a master at making the background shapes into  an abstract explosion of color.


Awesome Acrylic Artist series…..G.C. Myers

Below a clip showing the artist developing a landscape. Its interesting to see when the various parts of the painting are brought to completion.

A clip with the artist in studio talking about developing a painting.

Born in 1959 and now lives in Finger Lakes are of New York.

Mediums used: acrylics

Surfaces used: canvas, paper

Sorry but I couldn’t find a current price schedule listing the prices for his large or small works. No low or high priced range. No posters available.

Land and online gallery: Principle Gallery in Alexandria, Virginia.                        

The blog for the artist is easy to remember since it has to do with his painting of red trees.                

This artist loves to paint landscapes that deal with the internal shapes and colors of the earth. His use of thick and luscious color makes the viewer feel that here is a painter that loves to have fun while painting. From a design standpoint the works are very unique in that the landscapes show the inner part of the earth. A worm’s eye view from in the dirt no less!

He paints very large up to 60+by 20+ inches and as small as 3 by 5 inches.

From a business standpoint his use of the red tree as his calling card is just great. Say you went to an art show, saw his works, and want to look him up at home. Rather than trying to remember his name, he has a website “red tree times”  the artist paints for the most part red trees then the name of the blog will easily be remembered. A great marketing and business move! Way to go G.C. Myers.

Has a book out titled “In Quiet Places” that has to do with his paintings from 2003 to 2008.

If you enjoy thinking about the inner earth and paintings including it then check out artist Doug Smith who paints a similar idea using farms.

Hope you are inspired to paint an internal landscape scene today!

If you wonder how the artist started building the earth up from several small shapes it was because he would have paint left over at the end of a session. Rather than throw the paint away he would use the color to build all sorts of objects in the dirt such as chairs, tools, or furniture.

Happy painting!