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Artist of the moment……The Martin Brothers

The Martin Brothers were four gentleman who ran a pottery manufacturing company that made the break from Victorian Ceramic to a more modernist, artistic, and studio  approach to ceramics and stoneware. The brothers were renowned for their works dealing with birds.

Robert Martin was the founder of the company. Robert had attended art school and was trained as a sculptor. The artist attended the Lambeth School of Art.

Walter Martin was the main thrower working on the wheel.

Edward Martin worked on the wheel and specialized in working with creatures of the sea and ocean. This artist also studied at the Lambeth School of Art.

Works can be found in various museum collections located in England.

Price range information: Most works range from $2,000 to $10,000.

Occasionally works by the Martin show up at auction at major houses including Christies.

Another great family of artists! Similar to the Duchamps in that regard.

In this clip we view a classic work by the Martin family dealing with birds. A young fan talks about the work: