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Artist of the moment………..Ron Van Der Ende


Ron Van Der Ende is a Dutch artist who makes bas reliefs out of found wood. Ron Van Der Ende was born in Delft, the Netherlands in 1965. The artist attended what is now called the Willem De Kooning Academie based out of Rotterdam.

Van Der Ende is based out of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In this clip we visit a show featuring Ron Van Der Ende. The views from this clip show how dimensional his work appears:

Below a link to the website of Van Der Ende. Its a great website with many large sized images:

Price range information: Sorry none available.

My favorite aspect of the artists work is the incredible feeling of three dimensions I find in his art. Another great aspect that comes from using found wood his automobiles looked worn and aged.

If you enjoy this style of work as much as I do be sure and check out another Dutch artist renown for producing the same type of wall reliefs out of salvaged wood that use shoes as the main subject matter, Diederick Kraaijeveld.





Artist of the moment…………Eske Kath


Eske Kath is a wonderful painter born in Haderslev, Denmark in the year 1975. Kath attended the Royal Academy of Fine Arts located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kath enjoys using the house as a symbol of conflict between man and nature. In many works the houses are shown in flight compliments of Mother Nature and her winds. His work is very modernist in that most items are reduced to basic geometric shapes, trees become simple triangles.

The artist is now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

In this clip we view a sculpture of falling houses made by Eske Kath:

The artist was commissioned to paint a ceiling at the Palace of the Crown Prince of Denmark.

Price range information: Prices range from $1,000 for a lithograph to $10,000 for an original.

What a great sense of color and style by Kath. Similar to Jeremy Browne the previous post, Kath often works with very old and worn down houses that show that Mother Nature is always the long term winner in battles between land and man.