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Artist of the moment….Street artist “PosterBoy”

Poster Boy is another name for the graffiti artist based in New York city whose birth name is Henry Matyjewicz. Born in 1983, he has become renown for his contemporary art that uses modern imagery. He makes up the ideas by using a razor blade to cut and edit what he wants.

Poster Boy went to community college and studied art in New York before dropping out  and going back to street art.

His technique of cutting up posters happened after waiting for a subway to come along, it gave him something to do. PosterBoy came to enjoy using the advertising posters that he saw on subway platforms, it was perfect for this kind of art because it has a back that is adhesive. 2008 was his most productive year producing more than 200 works.

Started having his work in galleries starting in 2009.

Poster Boy’s cutting of the posters, is illegal. But this activity is not on a high priority of the subway officials.

The artist has been in  and out of court for his art.

Of the gallery artist covered here I found Poster Boy to remind most of the Italian collage artist, Mimmo Rotello. Below an example of his work. Rotella worked with torn advertising papers.


Price range information: Sorry none available.

A link to the artist website on Flickr that shows some of his unique works.  Even if works are taken down by officials, most times a photograph or two is taken before this happens.

In this clip we see PosterBoy in action.

Again we see the artist live in action!

Its great to see street art that takes the art of decollage into account.