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Artist of the moment……..Robert Carston Arneson

Robert Crane Arneson was a great artist who worked with ceramics but also an accomplished draftsman. Robert Arneson was born in Benecia, California in the year 1930. Arneson used himself as a model in much of his work.

price range information: Works range from $5,000 to $50,000. Arneson worked in pencil, watercolors, and ceramics.

In this clip we view a work titled the California Artist by Robert Arneson:

Arneson is associated with the Funk Art movement. This movement was similar to Pop Art in that everyday objects like fire hydrants and food (Claus Oldenburg) became popular subjects for artists of all mediums. Arneson was among the first Funk artists to work with ceramics.

For his artistic education Arneson attended the California College of the Arts located in Oakland, California. Arneson earned a M.F.A..

Arneson was also a professor at many colleges including Mills College and the University of California at Davis.

Robert Arneson passed away in 1992 from complications due to cancer.

In this clip we view a show at David Zwirner Galleries in New York City that took place in 2013:

price range information:

I love sculptures that make me smile, his artwork is perfect for that!