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Artist of the moment…… Street Artist Titi Freak


Titi Freak’s government name is Hamilton Yokota. His has a background includes the Japanese and Brazilian cultures. When he was a teenager the artist worked for a popular Brazilian comic book artist named Mauricio de Souza. The artist grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The artist reminds me of Basquiat for the fact he paints on unique surfaces. One of my favorite works by Basquiat was made on the front of a refrigerator door, Titi Freak has painted on items including sake boxes and garage doors.

An A+ for this artist’s keen business sense, Yakota has done work for world renown shoe companies Adidas and Nike.

Here we visit a show featuring Titi Freak:

In this clip we view the great Brazilian cartoonist Maurizio de Souza, his work had a great impact on Yakota. De Souza paints wonderful characters and famous painting’s such as Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring in his modernist cartoony style:

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