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Artist of the moment………..Jeffrey Steele


Jeffrey Steele is a British abstract artist. Steele’s work is based on geometric abstraction and pattern and design. He was also part of the Op Art movement with his black and white paintings which recall another British artist, Bridget Riley.

Jeffrey Steele was born in Cardiff, Great Britain in the year 1931. Steele went on to attend what is now Cardiff Metropolitan University. At the time it was the Cardiff College of Art.

The artist is also a gifted musician. He plays the trombone.

Two artists that provided inspiration to work in an abstract style were Victor Vasarely and Josef Albers.

Steele taught at the collegiate level at Portsmouth Polytech.

price range information: Sorry none available.

Steele flourished as an abstract artist in the 1970s. These works were mainly in black and white. Recently the artist has added to color and many of these newer works remind me artist Carlos Cruz Diez.



Artist of the moment………Keith Coventry


Keith Coventry is a British artist renown or his abstract works. Keith Coventry was born in Burnley, England in the year 1958.

Coventry attended the Chelsea School of Art located in London, England. He also attended Brighton Polytech.

The artist is a past winner of the John Moore prize and received $25,000. This award is given every two years to the best contemporary painting. In this awesome clip we view the artist right after winning this prestigious award:

Here Coventry goes into further detail on a very popular series of prints he made of crack pipes:

Coventry is part of many prominent collections including the Tate Museum of London, England and the Museum of Modern Art located in New York City.

The artist says his work is a combination of art history and social issues.

price range information: The artist works mainly in oils with prices range from $10,000 to $80,000. He has done a few print editions, but on a small scale with not enough pricing available to form a schedule.

I enjoy the minimalist and abstract qualities found in Coventry’s art. I am sure Piet Mondrian is smiling when he sees the work of this modern artist!






Artist of the moment……..Fiona Rae


Fiona Rae was born in Hong Kong in the year 1963. Rae was one of the group of painters called the Young British Artists that came to international fame and prominence after a show curated by Damien Hirst in 1988. Ian Davenport, a recent post was also a member of this group. Fiona Rae is an abstract painter.

Fiona attended the Craydon College of Art before switching to Goldsmith’s College located in London, England where she earned a B.F.A.

Rae was elected to the Royal Academy.

Rae was nominated for the Turner Prize.

In this clip we make a trip to the studio of Fiona Rae:


Rae is part of many prestigious collections including the Corcoran Gallery of Art located in Washington D. C., the Tate Modern located in London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art located in Nimes, France.

Price range information: Prints can start around $5,000 and originals reach as high as $75,000.

I love Rae’s use of colour!


Artist of the moment…..Sophie Ryder

Sophie Ryder is a great modern sculptor of what could be called human animals, born in London, England in the year 1963. Many of her creatures are very large, human sized figures that are human sized rabbits with long legs and human hands. Ryder’s work brings the mythological creatures we all know of , such as the centaur to three dimensions.

Best known for a figure she calls the Lady- Hare, as you can guess a mixture of  a human female and a female rabbit.

Below we visit a show from 2009 in Bath, England featuring Sophie Ryder’s world renown Lady-Hare sculptures.

For her collegiate studies attended the Royal Academy of Art and Kingston Polytechnic both in London, Great Britain.

Price range information: The artist works in various sizes from larger than human size works, to maquette studies for these works. The smaller works range from $5,000 to the larger works reaching the six figure range.

In this clip we visit Vancouver, Canada as the artist makes a return visit to make some repairs. Shame on the public for even thinking about destroying such a masterpiece.

Works for sometimes months on the process of creating a work, looking to express a certain emotion that she herself had experienced.

In this clip we see an installation by Sophie Ryder.

What I love most about Sophie Ryder is a great statement by one of her college professors. The professor stated that Sophie Ryder has an insatiable urge to create.

She started to work with hares after a dog she owned started bringing them home as thanks for her as a reward for her hard work as an owner. The same as when your lovely cat deposits a freshly killed bird, also a reward for you!