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Artist of the moment……..Russell Drysdale


Russell Drysdale was one of the most prominent painters in the history of Australia renown for his work with the Australian outback. Drysdale was born in Bognor, Sussex, England in the year 1912. He grew up in Melbourne, Australia and attended college in London, England at the Grosvenor School of Art and also in the Grand Chaumiere in Paris, France.

From the National Gallery of Australia we view a signature work of Drysdale showcasing his thoughts on the Australian landscape:

Drysdale was an outstanding painter despite having very poor eyesight. He was nearly blind in his left eye due to a detached retina when he was only 17 years of age.

The artist had a very successful solo show in 1938 which established him on the international art scene.

In his landscapes, Drysdale was particularly admired for his depictions of the drought ravaged region in New South Wales.

The artist received his knighthood in 1969. Drysdale passed away in the year 1981.

From ABC of Australia we view a show that took place in 2012 in Sydney featuring the work of Drysdale:

Price range information: The artist worked as a printmaker and also used watercolor, oils, and inks. Prices range from $5,000 to $750,000.

On a personal note, Drysdale lost two important people in his life. His son Tim took his own life at the age of 21. In the year that followed his wife also took his own life.

Drysdale was great at capturing the emotions and different physical traits of people.



Artist of the moment…..Pinchas Shaar…..

Pinchas Shaar was  born in the city of Lotz, Poland in the year 1923. His family history was  Jewish and Polish which landed him in a concentration camp from 1939 to 1945. After the end of the war Shaar attended the Munich Academy of Art. Shaar got his first job in the art world as a theatrical set designer.

Shaar also attended the Grand Chaumiere the Academy des Beaux Artes, both in Paris, France.

In 1956 Pinchas Shaar immigrated to Israel.

Shaar became famous for depicting many facets of Hebrew culture.

price range information: the artist worked as a painter and a printmaker. Oil paintings range $500 to $4,000. Lithograph prints range $400 to $1000.

Pinchas Shaar passed away in 1996 whilst in Israel.

The artist passed away in 1996.

Shaar had a wonderful gift in that he could tell a story through the emotions he painted in his characters. If I were to compare him to another artist it would be Arnold Friberg. Friberg gained fame as not only a Western themed artist, but also for illustrating the Book of Mormon. Below an example of an illustration painted by Friberg for the Book of Mormon.


So similar to Shaar, you have an artist very familiar with a certain way of lifestyle and religion and they are able to share with us in intimate detail their feelings which make for remarkable works of art. I enjoy the many facets seen in Shaar’s work such as cubism, realism, and surrealism. A great way to tell a story!